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The paper “ The Liberalization of Labour Market” is a fascinating example of the essay on human resources. The fundamental process that has the capability and capacity to drive an organization to higher heights is but the strategic planning process. This process encompasses the definition of the vision statement, mission statement and the goals of the organization, as well as some of the various ways through the plan, maybe implemented and turn out to be successful (Hubbard, Morkel, Davenport, and Beamish, 2000). Concerns have been raised of the need to have a strategic plan within the milestones youth organization.

This idea emanates from the various drawbacks that the organization has been facing over the years as far as the efficient and effective achievement of its goals is concerned. The milestones youth organization is an organization that aims at nurturing the potential of the youth. It also aids the youths in cultivating their creativity, innovativeness, talents, skills, networking, and how youths can live up to become dependable individuals within society. In this work, the current status of the organization is highlighted, objectives of the organization and where and how it aims at achieving success.

The significant importance of strategic planning processes is reflected in this paper which forms the basis of a successful organization. Pre-planning phaseIn the recent years the miles stones has been experiencing quite a lot difficulties as far as the achievement of the goals and objectives is concerned. Currently this problem is still reflected in the mile stones youth organization. As much as the management of the organization has tried to implement ways through which the issue may be solved it has not been successful (Hubbard, Morkel, Davenport, and Beamish, 2000).

The major reason behind this failure lies in the fact that the organization focuses more on what has already taken place rather than trying to come up with ways of dealings with anticipated future difficulties. Therefore, the need for a strategic plan arises.


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Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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