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The paper "Personal Development and Planning " is a great example of a finance and accounting assignment. My full names are Salem Al Ameri. I was born twenty-five years(25) ago on the fifteenth day of May 1984. I come from the United Arab Emirates where I received most of my initial elementary schooling. Professionally I am involved in the provision of firefighting and rescue services. At the Police School, I received six months of training. Consequently, I also received training in rescue and ambulance services for another six months after which I then embarked on a short course in fire rescue services for a period of eight months.

I have studied the English language for one year at Colchester University. I am now pursuing my foundation first-year course at the UCLAN University BHs specifically on Fire Safety and Risk Management. Currently, I am directly involved in the provision of fire fighting and rescue services whereby we respond to distress call directly on the ground. On reaching the site of the fire I am expected to assess the situation and make quick decisions pertaining to the source of the fore, the extent of damage, casualties and potential casualties and react accordingly.

My job also involves the provision of first aid services to any casualties at the site of the fire accident and consequently ensuring that they receive immediate medical attention. Among other roles and responsibilities is the evacuation of surrounding areas in case the fire is huge and has the potential to spread to surrounding areas. I also need to ensure there are no explosive or flammable material in the vicinity of the fire that could aggravate it. As a professional, I have lofty ambitions as I intend to reach the pinnacle of my profession.

I hope to one day head one of the fire departments in the United Arab Emirates(UAE)I also hope to develop the necessary expertise and gain the necessary experience in order to be able to improve the civil defence structure in the United Arab Emirates.  


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Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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