Essays on Developing a Personal Development Plan for a Student Pursuing MSC in Marketing Assignment

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The paper "Developing a Personal Development Plan for a Student Pursuing MSC in Marketing" is a wonderful example of an assignment on marketing. Personal development is a complex process. It is essential in ensuring that an individual strives to achieve their goals in life. Being a complex process, it calls for a person to put in place a proper plan on how they will pursue their dreams. I am a student pursuing MSC in marketing. My aim is to attain academic Excellence, to secure myself a reliable job, and serve the society in a better position than I am. There are various reasons for my decision to develop a personal development plan.

First, it will assist me in evaluating my current situation in terms of skills, and what I need to acquire and achieve my dream (Derek  2001, p. 5). Secondly, it will assist me in remaining focused in life as I strive towards my goals. In this case, I will be aware of what I need, how to get, and from where. Thirdly, with plans put in place, it will be easy to measure actual performance or achievement on timely bases so as to establish why and where I went wrong (Bradford, Duncan & Tarcy 2010, p.

115). The other reason for planning is that it assists in time management. The plan consists of a time frame, and hence in the attempt to achieve the plan’ s time frame, I will be able to manage my time speeding. As a student, planning will install a sense of discipline to reduce the effects of peer pressure. A plan assists young people to be committed to their studies, to cover the syllabus, make private studies group discussions, and attend motivational talks among others.

In this case, I believe planning can save young people from peer influence, which negatively impact their life (Daft & Lane 2007, p. 5). In performing a personal development plan there are various factors, which I must consider. This includes the personal SWOT analysis, skills audit, and the expected outcome. The SWOT analysis will assist me in establishing the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats. Skill audit is essential in establishing the already acquired skills, and what is required to accomplish my goals.

Expected income analysis assists in determining what is required for how long and how possible is it to achieve it. SWOT analysis. Strengths are positive standing points that can best assist in achieving one’ s goal in life. Strengths can be naturally acquired or achieved through experience. Weakness is negative attributes which in one way or the other, can negatively impact an individual, and reduce exploitation of strengths and opportunity in life. Opportunities, on the other hand, are chances that an individual has to exploit in order to achieve his goals.

Threats are factors or characteristics which may hinder one from achieving his goals and ambitions in life.

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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