Essays on People And Organaisation Development Assignment

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Executive summaryIn the contemporary world many companies are trying their best to have a competitive advantage over the others. In this report we have looked at the human resource management development at the Emirates Airline and the specific efforts that are being done to make sure that the company remains ahead of the others in terms of productivity and profitability. I went ahead to explain the choice of the company and why I though it could be the best to explore as far as human resource management is concerned.

The choice of human resource topic has also been explained as the integral part of the organizations that can be optimized to ensure maximum profitability. In studying human resource management at the Emirates Airline I obtained the information from the company’s website and other written journals about this Airline. In the findings I probed the whole issue of human resource management at the Emirates Airline while depicting the strategic developments that have been done in the discussion. Finally it was imperative that I give some of the practical recommendation that I believe will go a long way in keeping the Airline ahead of others as far as human resource management is concerned. IntroductionEvery individual organization will always gear itself towards optimizing the management of its resources to ensure that the best results are obtained.

George & Deborah (2006) note that organizations are put up to advance specific objectives of the organization that include profitability, growth, expansion and individual career advancement. In meeting the objectives of the company the management goes out of its way to ensure that the human aspect that is very important to the organization is also attended to.

The feeling of belonging is cultivated through the long-term practices that have been put in place by the department of human resource management. Great investments have to be done in order to ensure that the employees have an ideal environment for maximum production. The human resource aspect encompasses recruitment, training, placement and subsequent retirement from the organization active duty. OrganizationThe organization that I have chosen is the Emirates and Group Company that include the emirates airline which is among the most competitive in the entire world.

The Emirate Group that is based in Dubai is a very profitable enterprise amassing a turnover of close to US$11.2 billion and has an employee capacity of over forty thousands employees and in the next three years it will have reached fifty thousand. This formidable group comprises of Dnata, Airport service and Travel Industry division and Emirates, Which is the Group’s fast expanding and awarding winning international Airline. The Group has a well established career website which can be explored. Presently Emirates Airline commutes to over a hundred destinations allover the six continents.

Emirates presently operates a modern day fleet of one twenty wide-bodied aircraft and it has ordered one hundred and seventy latest aircraft worth over US$58 billion which include eight 777 freighter. It has been from time to time recognized as a leader in teams of innovation. Emirates is constantly enhancing and developing its products and services to optimally serve its many customers from around the world.

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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