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TaskIntroductionChanging nature of workIn the current working society the work nature is changing rapidly in organizations and companies. Management and employees negotiate working conditions to suit their preferences. Individuals have been given the luxury and freedom of choice between working full-time or part-time jobs in their quest to experience the constant change and entrepreneurism. Every worker wants to work at their own time however they want to depending on what suits them. Some would prefer working part time in order to take care of their personal businesses or to juggle two jobs at the same time.

Some workers are more effective and at certain times of the day as that is when they are most alert and hence more productive (Mc Shane, 2009). Some organizations find ways to adapt to these conditions without affecting the success and productivity of the company. This however might prove to be a difficult task, as in the attempt to meet both the needs of the company and the employee’s needs one entity might end up straining or suffering. This will be true especially for companies where hands on work is required, as it will be unfair when some workers have the freedom of working part time while others cannot.

This will cause a relationship strain between the employees and their supervisors. Some organizations however, allow, within defined parameters, or prior approval flexibility of employees provided deadlines are met and quality work is done. More and more firms are offering flexible working conditions and many people are also considering jobs that have some sort of flexibility (Wheeler, 2010). Organizational structureAccording to the Collins dictionary, management is the process of guiding, directing, handling and controlling efforts of organization members to achieve stated goals.

Managers are the people who oversee and give direction to a company towards meeting its goals. A company is owned by shareholders who elect a board of directors. The directors in turn appoint a managing director who has the overall responsibility running of the company. It is a manager’s responsibility to establish that company’s objectives have been met and ensure a framework of communication has been established within their department. He is also responsible for the motivation of employees and for setting out the arrangement for their responsibilities.

He also oversees the activities of people and gives them direction while ensuring good and efficient use of company materials and time (The Times, 2009). Organizational behaviorA supervisor’s responsibility is to ensure a smooth workflow. He is expected to make the necessary adjustments to ensure more effective techniques to get work done through the workers. He is the middle person as he is the one who connects the workers and the management. He gives instructions correction and training to the workers and is the face of management to workers.

He presents the workers cases and problems to management and on the other hand also presents the demands and expectations of management to the workers. Therefore a supervisor maintains a connection to both, which can also be a strain, since workers will always expect fairness and help on their jobs while management will expect loyalty and exercise of authority for maximum productivity. A good supervisor therefore ensures a balance and coordination such situations (Jossey-Bass, 1995).

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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