Essays on Pepsi Ads - Advantages of the Company's Online Video Marketing Case Study

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The paper “ Pepsi Ads - Advantages of the Company’ s Online Video Marketing” is a   persuading example of a case study on marketing. Online video marketing is a strategy that aims to get consumers to share the message of the marketer. The message often spreads quickly and dramatically. The public often determines whether the ad is interesting enough to be aired via the internet (Pride & Ferrell, 2012, p. 479). Word of mouth is never effective no matter the product involved. Online platforms reach more people and encourage customers to purchase a product.

Promotional activities help customers to make informed decisions as far as purchases are concerned. However, some groups have teamed up to criticize the activity. The main reasons for the criticisms include the fact that it is highly visible hence; it may pervade our daily lives (Pride & Ferrell, 2012, p. 481). The other reason is that promotions have flaws. There is a common criticism that promotions are unethical and deceptive. Words can have diverse meanings hence it may be deceptive for a number of users. Online marketing stimulates demand.

Pepsi Company is bound to make increased sales thus reducing marketing costs, which can also reduce prices. Online marketing allows organizations to reach customers without the need for massive investment. The International Advertising Association, the Asian Federation of Advertising Associations and the National Association for Advertising Standards defend a responsible communications industry and freedom of commercial speech. They make use of their global network to share information on best practices in the ever-changing business world. They also develop and provide education and professional ideas that serve the marketing industry hence promote talent.

The associations came together to object negative advertisements that the Pepsi Company undertook. The company decides to change its game of advertising to video marketing. The change was seen to be negative by the associations. The company has always been at war with its rivals that is Coke and Diet Coke. Video marketing has its benefits and limitations, as well. One of the ads that will be discussed here will be the “ Change the game” campaign that included a change or shift from cricket to football. The campaign turns out to be an attempt to usher in Western products, which resulted in the objection by the associations.

The country has a collection of cricket lovers and the introduction of football will be seen as a violation of their culture. The associations think that the company has carried out negative advertisements in the manner in which they have introduced a new product. Pepsi spends millions each year in marketing campaigns. Pepsi has launched a series of changing the game campaigns. The campaigns have been innovative and have received praise by the media.

The rival company targets the same markets, but both approach their marketing strategies in varied and different ways. Pepsi has come up with a website with which consumers can visit and view the different products and services being offered. The sites are specially meant for the football fans. The sites are easy to navigate and use making the most appropriate. The sites make use of animations, bright and large colors that draw the attention of users. The site is geared towards those who are already consumers and are not aware of the campaigns.

The site is aimed at building both new customers and reinforcing the concepts of the current concepts of the firm. The internet has benefits, when used by organizations, to advertise. They are easy to use, provide a global reach for your message and provides a confirmation that the site is at the technology’ s cutting edge.  

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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