Essays on Pepsi Change the Game Ad Campaign Case Study

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The paper "Pepsi Change the Game Ad Campaign" is a great example of a case study on marketing. This report sets out to carry out a review of one of the seven video marketing ads from the: Pepsi Change the Game Ad Campaign. The Pepsi change the game campaign has a total of seven videos and they include the helicopter shot, uppercut, doosra, the switch hit, super scoop, pallu scoop, and others. Based on the fact that the Pepsi change Game campaign has a total of seven videos one of the videos will be selected and in this case, the helicopter shot video.

The report will also point out to the PepsiCo executive managers that the breaches in the online video advertising (best practices or community) standards may pose a threat to future campaigns. There will also be an articulation of a number of standards that are held by the standards-making bodies. This is based on the fact that number individuals have lodging combined objections to the negative advertisements undertaken by PepsiCo under its "Pepsi Change the Game" campaigns. In support of the claims been made in the report, the report will also offer a list of three specific transgressions in the advertising practices or standard code in relation to one of the video ads that has been selected.

In this area there will be an identification of nature as well as the scope of the breach and a number of resources as well as another pertinent source of material will be used so as to offer support to the argument been made so as to ensure effective use of online video. Pepsi is rated to be among the widely recognized brand with coco-cola.

During the FIFA world cup, the organization had come along way with a number of top stars such as Henry, Messi and other big stars been on their ads (PepsiCo website 2012). For Pepsi to remain competitive the organization needs to keep up with the current advertising trends and at the same time advertise more so as to entice the customers and they should also ensure that they follow the advertising standards that have been set up the various advertising standards-setting bodies (PepsiCo website 2012). Review of the helicopter shot This ad is one of the seven ads that are contained in the Pepsi change the game campaign.

When carrying out this campaign the organization that has Pepsi associated itself with both the sport as well as with the player. Through its association with both the players and the sport, they have been able to achieve the differentiation that is required in the cricketing season (Pepsi 2011). This ad showcases Pepsi has been one of the major factors that are making the cricket players learn and attain skills that enables them to be set apart from the other in the field.

In the ad, we are shown that Dhoni is able to learn his helicopter shot and this undoubtedly establishes that Pepsi is not poplar just among the stars but it should be seen as an integral part of their game (Pepsi 2011).

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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