Essays on Internal Value Chain Analysis for Ben and Jerry's Ice Cream USA Case Study

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The paper “ Internal Value Chain Analysis for Ben and Jerry's Ice Cream USA” is a great variant of the case study on marketing. Competitive advantage for an organization is taken to mean not just the ability to surpass or to match what the competitors have been able to do, but focusing on the discovery of what the customers really want and thus, profitably satisfying them and giving them services and products in the way that will exceed their expectations. Ben & Jerry's Ice Cream are aware that in the modern business world, the international and inter-regional trade barriers to trade have greatly diminished and therefore, the access to goods and services has tremendously increased, the customers can easily get what they want from any location in the world as long as client satisfies their needs and wants at a price that they can readily afford.

It is worth mentioning that as the competition increases, there is a corresponding increase in customer expectations, the complacency penalty for customers is even greater (Porter & Teisberg 23-45). A strategic tool that determines the importance of the perceived value of a customer is the value chain analysis.

Having created the possibility for companies to establish what their strategic advantages and strategic disadvantages are in terms of the value-creating processes and activities in their respective market places, the value analysis process becomes an integral element in the course of assessing the competitive advantage of the firm (Porter & Teisberg 44). Ben & Jerry's Ice Cream managers and accountants have led the efforts that have been geared towards the implementation of the value chain analysis in their organization. The idea behind value chain analysis depicts a trend in which the value of the customers accumulates in a chain of activities, which results in an end product and service. Value chain analysis can be described as those processes carried out internally or those activities performed by a company.

These activities are designing, producing, and marketing, delivering and supporting their product. It must be noted that the value chain analysis of a company and the ways in which it performs its activities individually is a true reflection of its strategy, the implementation strategy, and the economics of the individual activities, and the history of the company as a whole.

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Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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