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SWOT Analysis on Metacafe Element Analysis Metacafe Company Metacafe website deals with sharing short-form videos in a variety of categories such as video games, movies, music, sports and TV. The website was among the earliest entertainment site solely designed to show original and best videos. The videos are easily accessible and their categories vary widely. Strengths Valentin (54) asserts that strengths are the effective skills being employed by a company as they strive to achieve its goals. The company started offering these services when most people were not aware of the business.

For this fact they were able to enjoy monopoly in the market gaining popularity at the same time building its reputation. Their videos are organized exclusively in such a way to avoid duplicating versions. Through this they are able to maintain the originality of each video. Moreover, their videos undergo a thorough review system to ensure the video content is of high standards (Valentin 56). This is because quality is very important in business and customers will always go quality products. The company enjoys high income resulting from its market attractiveness and profits.

It has approximately 13 million viewers per month in US alone thus worldwide the number is expected to be very large. Weaknesses Weaknesses refer to circumstances that hinder a company from realizing its full potential. These are conditions that mostly arise from within for example conflicts within the functional areas or high production costs (Valentin 56). Metacafe has really tried to eliminate major weaknesses though it has failed in many circumstances to handle copyright violations. Other sites are fond of stealing their copyright staff and they have not been able to fully tackle this problem.

On the other hand, though they experience very high production costs they have been able to encounter this though the realization of high incomes. Opportunities Opportunities are available or anticipated circumstances that may provide an encouraging environment for the company’s growth such as decrease in competition, favorable legislation and market expansion (Valentin 58). Metacafe has so far partnered with other major websites with the aim of widening its market. Partnerships are made both with companies and the providers of the services, can help them in official channels formations.

Furthermore, the company needs to intensify its campaigns for brand awareness among the masses through live telecasts as well as concerts. Though the company has exploited major opportunities in the field, it still needs to come up with new ideas though innovation so as to maintain its market (Valentin 58). Threats Threats on the other hand refer to unfavorable present or future conditions that are likely to be create a hindrance to the growth of the company. Such conditions include situations such as development of new products or services by competitors like Youtube and Facebook which are really coming up (Valentin 61).

The company faces threats of being involved in the complexities of the legal system due to publication of questionable content. Moreover, lately there has been emergence of numerous new entrants into the industry thus posing a great challenge to Metacafe. These competitors for instance Facebook is gaining popularity at a very fast rate since they have new and better offerings. This requires Metacafe to come up with new strategies in order to compete effectively (Valentin 65).

Work Cited Valentin, Kley. SWOT Analysis from a Resource-Based View. Journal of Marketing Theory and Practice 9.2 (2001): 54-65. Web. 27 June 2012.

Download free paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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