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The paper “ Performance Evaluation of Britvic Plc” is a convincing example of a business report. Britvic Plc. is a United Kingdom-based soft drinks company. The company provides a wide range of beverages such as sparkling sodas, sophisticated fruit juices, ice tea, squash, syrups, mineral waters, mixers, and energy drinks (Britvic, 2015a). The firm's brand portfolio in the UK includes Robinsons, Tango, J2O, and fruit shoot along with the PepsiCo brands like Pepsi and 7UP (Sparks, 2014). Britvic manufactures and sells products in the UK and Ireland under the agreements of PepsiCo.

The purpose of the company is to make everyday moments of people’ s life enjoyable. They offer a broad range of soft drinks to meet the varied desires of the customers. Their brands and innovations are fabricated on the excellence of their insight and knowledge of the soft drinks markets in which they operate. Their activities of the company are committed to building sustainable relationships with their suppliers of raw materials and customers (Sparks, 2014). Britvic’ s Internal Organizational structure is aimed at developing a trouble-free focussed operating model, empowering people, and aligning resources and capability to the growth prospects.

There are various departments in Britvic that permit them to operate a business efficiently and sustain its market position (Hu, 2011). The customer management director heads the organizational structure of the company who controls the segmented channel structure under him. The channels include grocery department, convenience, licensed department, food service section, customer operations, and channel marketing department. Due to the company’ s continuous growth, an efficient organizational structure has been developed to make the decision-making process simpler (Britvic, 2010). 1.1. Cost Concepts Affecting Managerial Decisions in Britvic Plc. Economies of scales refer to proportionate savings in costs achieved by increased levels of production.

Britvic Plc. drives economies of scale by improving their factories and distribution footprint. There exist a number of costs that affect the managerial decisions of Britvic such as implicit, explicit, incremental, and sunk costs (Hu, 2011).



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Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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