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The paper “ Performance Management - Strategies, Interventions, Drivers” is an inspiring example of the essay on human resources. The performance  management system is the procedure of making and implementing interventions, drivers, and motivational strategies with the aim of transforming the human resource raw potential into performance. As a matter of fact, each and everybody have potential in him/herself in either one or several functional fields. However, using and converting that potential into feasible performances is most of the times not realized due to several reasons. Therefore, performance management serves as a mediator of changing the available potential into practical performance by eliminating the transitional obstacles as well as rejuvenating the human resource (HR).

Actually, performance management makes sure that a shared comprehension of the desired achievements at each level of an organization prevails and offers management with equipment for guiding and developing employees to achieve the organization’ s goals. Additionally, performance management is made to be tactical and incorporated into the policies, systems, and culture of an organization. It is targeted to be developmental instead of punitive naturally. The performance management system is a wide topic that covers its significance, advantages, challenges, and disadvantages among others as explained later in this research paper.

This paper discusses the 360° performance management system and the importance of performance management and its impact on organizational strategic planning and other HR functions. In reality, performance management possesses the full potential of fulfilling operational and strategic requirements of the personal, organization as well as expertise requirements of staff in diverse ways as elucidated below in the following points. It helps businesses to thrive in competitive business environments. As a matter of fact, as pointed out by Kandula, today’ s organizations are reluctantly compelled to handle performance-related matters more tactically compared to the past as a result of rising competition plus the desire to achieve more with the little available resources (6).

It is evident that organizations can only be made to succeed, exist, and survive in unsure business environments by the human resource asset.

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Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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