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The paper "Performance Management System - Community Development Authority" is a perfect example of a management research paper.   Human resource management in both the public and private sectors has changed over the years. Management teams have demonstrated their commitment to ensuring that employees are in a position to provide the best out of their knowledge and skills as well as experience. Employees are delicate while dealing with because of their human and psychological nature, which may affect their performance positively or adversely. Due to increased knowledge, mobility, and demand for better goods and services; organizations have resolved to ensure that their employees are satisfied and feel valued, as well as their contributions.

Performance management is one of such approaches applied by many organizations to ensure that employees give the best while working for the organization (Wood and de Menezes 1586-1610). This report offers a comprehensive study of the performance management system applied by the Community Development Authority. Three employees including Yousif, Amal Al Siri, and Waleed Saeed, form the focus of the study. Yousif, Amal Al Siri, and Waleed Saeed are IT directors, E- Transformation Head, and IT Business Analyst, respectively.

The three employees will be involved in providing the required information about the performance management system applied by the organization. the information will be essential in the development of strategies to improve the system not only to the organization but to any other organization with the same characteristic. 2.0. Methodology The research on the performance management system of the Community Development Authority will involve the following activities: Survey: The questionnaire will be administered Literature review Online searching on necessary information on how to performance management system performs on various organization The Questionnaire and Interviews The Questionnaire The following questionnaire will assist in determining how effective the performance management of the Community Development Authority is according to three employees including Yousif who is the IT director, Amal Al Siri who is the E- Transformation Head, and Waleed Saeed who is the IT Business IT. Part a.

in this part the respondent is expected to provide a yes or no answer to each question Questions Yes No Are there strategies put into place to ensure that there is effective performance management in your organization?     Does the organization establish goals and objectives in advance?     Does the organization/department undertake performance appraisal?     Is feedback after performance appraisal provided to employees on a timely bases?     Is there a criterion for rewarding or recognizing excellent performers to the organization?     Are employees involved in setting the goals of the organization particularly on areas relating to their operations?           Part 2: In this part, the respondent is expected to respond by either starting that it is Very effectively, partly effective, poor or does not exist Questions Very effectively Partly effective Poor Does not exist How is the process of setting goals and objectives according to you?         How are employees involved in goal setting?         How is the performance appraisal undertaken?         How Is feedback timely is feedback given to employees after performance appraisal         How are effective and efficient performers rewarded         How well are failures dealt with         How is the relationship between employees and management in terms of support and communication          

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Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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