Essays on Performance Managment System Of General Electric Company (GL) Assignment

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Performance management system at General Electronic Company: -One of the most distinguished companies on the globe of plant is General Electric Company. It is working in more than 100 countries with 315,000 employees worldwide, its business range from aircraft engines and power generation to financial services and television programming. (Craig Donaldson) It provokes the culture that is homogenous across the company, with the help of competent leadership and strategic human resource management. Strategic Human Resource Management: - GE thinks that it is essential to compose such HR policies, schemes, measures, priorities that are associated with the business plans and strategies.

According to Steve Bertamini, CEO for GE’s Australian & New Zealand operations (Craig Donaldson): “The thing about GE is that there are great opportunities for HR to play a role at any point of the business decision-making process. It is very easy sometimes to be sidetracked on what we would like to be doing, but if we cannot translate that into a bottom-line impact for the business, then that lessens our value to the organization. HR’s contribution to the bottom-line is ensured by integrating it into the company’s management system.

(Craig Donaldson) GE’s management and HR teams meet at the commencement of every year to evaluate the outline of general purpose and objectives for the HR function. After that, they figure out the main elements, which will help the HR strategy to link itself to the business objectives and both internal and external customers. (Craig Donaldson)Steve Bertamini says, “So even at the beginning of the year when we are going through what we need to achieve, so there is already a linkage to measuring people and to the overall business strategy.

We can then confirm that we are on track throughout the year. The aim is to have everybody driving in the same direction with a clear vision of what that business is looking to deliver in that year. We continually monitor whether it really is delivering the results that we are requiring” (Craig Donaldson). According to the Steve Bertamini, the GE’s global CEO Jeffrey Immelt each year travels from GE’s Business to support the strategic HR planning process. He considers it as verification for the importance that GE places on its people planning processes and their importance to the management of the company.

Sam Sheppard considers the leadership the core competency that ‘energizes the organization’. He says, “A leader can energizes others – they can create an environment that propagates vision, and their team will execute on that vision. More importantly, they inspire and motivate others, they are constantly listening to others in order to empower employees, and they are expected to follow through on what they require of their teams, but the real difference for the cream of the leadership crop is in those who are prepared to listen to feedback and act on it.

Everybody gets feedback within GE, but the people, who want to be successful, regardless of their background, are those who actually hear what the organization, employees and peers are telling them, and they change their behavior. This is critical at the senior level, as some people will start with strength in one particular area and need to grow in another. ” (Craig Donaldson)

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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