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Performance Measurement in Development of Airport SecurityCase study: This research study is based on an examination of Performance management in Libyan airports when compared with Western European airports especially considering Airport Security, Baggage handling, Operations and Performance. Research Aims: To investigate the key elements of security management implemented in Libyan airports and to make recommendations that can be adapted in Libya, to enhance and develop security at airports to comparable standards with the Western European best practices at Airports. The research is aimed towards performance measurement in development of airport security. Objectives: The research objectives are to examine the security and functional strategies at airports in Libya and compare these features with the strategies at Western European Airports such as Airports in Paris or Frankfurt.

The comparisons are made between the Libyan airports and the European airports considering functionalities such as operations, settings, baggage handling, security arrangements and performance. Literature Review: The literature review for the thesis would be based on several factors such as context and functions as operations and facilities at arrivals and departures hall, passenger and baggage handling and check in facilities, the facilities available at departure gates and the service given around the airports and also at specific points at the airport.

Passenger facilities such as lounge, restaurants, internet, café, shops, cash machine etc. are also reviewed. The review is based on a comparative examination between the facilities available at the Libyan airport and the other international airports such as JFK New York, Charles de Gaulle Paris and Frankfurt International airport. All these airports are characterized by high security and well equipped check in gates with advanced facilities for passenger and baggage check in.

The terminals are well connected in most international airports and transport facilities such as taxis and coaches, express trains are easily available. 24 hour fire service personnel are available to avoid any major fire incident at the airport. Main International Terminal – Facilities and OperationsThe main international airport in Libya is the Tripoli international airport which was initially known as the Tripoli Idris International Airport. It was first used as an airfield during the Second World War but has now been completely renovated to a full and modern national and international airport.

The airport houses both national and international terminals and all domestic flights leave from the national terminal and international flights leave from the international terminal. The Buraq Air and Libyan airways conduct regular flight operations from this airport. The city centre of Tripoli is a few miles away and taxis are the most convenient and popular means of commuting although coach services are present as well. The international terminal is capable of handling 3 million passengers annually and is equipped with lounges, restaurant, prayer room, duty free shopping and accommodation for transit passengers.

Although domestic departures and arrivals were routed through the same terminal, now the domestic terminal is mainly used by the regional airlines and for short haul flights. Long distance international flights operate from the international terminal. In 2007, the Libyan government revealed its plan to upgrade and expand the Tripoli International Airport so that the international terminal could have two wings and handle up to 20 million passengers (NY times, 2009). The expansion and modernization will help the airport to allow for check in ad other facilities separately for domestic and international passengers with two distinct terminals.

The work is being planned in collaboration with French companies, and Contractors in Lebanon, Turkey and Brazil (TAV, 2009; Aconex, 2009). Many major international airlines including Emirates, KLM, Qatar, Lufthansa, British Airways and Alitalia operate from the international terminal.

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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