Essays on How the Dairy Farmers Can Use Public Relations Coursework

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The paper "How Dairy Farmers Can Use Public Relations" is a good example of coursework on marketing. In all forms of business, Public relations is very important as it determines the success of the business. Public Relations (PR) is important as it helps solve marketing issues that are affecting the business. PR is used to persuade and gain support from the public of the business. Dairy farmers in Australia have decided to sell permeate free milk to their consumers. Scientists claim that the campaign is a fake and the dairy farmers are using fear to market permeate free milk.

Companies have caved in and are adopting permeate free milk. The dairy farmers have decided to use Public Relations to come up with a solution to this problem. This report will focus on how dairy farmers can use public relations to solve the issue at hand. It will focus on the process of public relations and its importance to the company. The paper will also discuss the stakeholders of the company, their importance to the dairy farmers and the relationship between the stakeholders and Public Relations. Introduction The research paper will first tackle the basics of Public Relations.

This will include its scholarly definition, the process of public relations and its importance in relation to the dairy farmers. This will be followed by the stakeholders of the company, the definition according to Rawlins theory that is the linkage theory. Finally, the paper will discuss the importance of the stakeholders to the company and their relationship with Public Relations. Issue statement The source of concern is from the scientist who claims that permeate free milk campaign is a fake.

The scientists claim that the farmers are using a strategy that is not right to market permeate free milk that is creating fear among the consumers so that they can shift from using milk with permeate to milk that permeates free. The problem the dairy farmers are facing is; with the scientist's statement, this can cause bad publicity for the dairy farmers. This becomes a problem when the number of consumers starts decreasing due to the scientist's statements. This issue will greatly affect the dairy farmers and the companies that are producing permeate free milk.

This is because with the bad publicity the companies will lose customers that buy permeate free milk and in turn, the dairy farmers go to a loss. In this issue, the bad publicity caused by the scientists is not good as it places the dairy farmers and the companies producing permeate free milk seem like liars, in turn, the public will feel cheated and swindled and would stop using the milk and turn to another option that is available to them.

The dairy farmers will use Public Relations to solve the problem at hand, changing the perception that the scientist has created of the company and the farmers to a better perception.

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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