Essays on Personal and Career Development Plan Assignment

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Q1 My is Marcelo Molina. I am 25 years old. I have done BBA (Marketing) and I am also currently enrolled in an MBA program. My past experiences include working as an employee in the Business Development department of Secure Wrap and today I work as a Marketing Manager, in the same organization Q2 Ever since I entered into the age of consciousness I have had a strong interest towards business. Hence, when my father started business, I developed the habit of going to work with him and monitoring how he manages what he does.

At a very young age of 11, I started helping him with his work. This formed a direction of what I wanted to do and thus I pursued my Bachelors in Business Administration with specialization in Marketing. Currently I am doing my Masters in the same field and will graduate in April 2012. My interest in the field of business enabled me to look at everything from “management” perspective. Hence I developed a basic understanding of how things actually work in the work environment. This gave me a professional target and also made me realize that my capability of “work” relates to practical knowledge of Business.

When I pursued my education in Business, I had a firm belief that I will be good at working in the field of Business Development and Marketing since I have past experience working in the same area personally. My past work experiences include working as an employee of Business Development department in Security Wrap of Miami. Currently, as mentioned in the identification, I am working as the marketing manager of the same organization and at the same time I am doing an MBA from Florida International University Miami.

Hence the vision is to maximize the quantity and quality of my capabilities to enhance my working skills so that I am able to give efficient and effective output to any future organization that I work with or any business that I might get into. Q3 My skill-set includes analytical skills, critical thinking skills, familiarity with two languages that are English and Spanish, strong grasp on the subject of Marketing and sales, focus on production of effective and efficient results, proficiency at computer skills (familiarity with both Windows and Macintosh), closely in touch with the latest technology, project management skills and in addition to that I am also a team player.

Q4 The areas of improvement are conflict management and finance. Q5 I live by the principle of honesty and respect and thus I place a strong importance on integrity in the work environment. I believe in the concept of give and take thus when I give honesty and respect I expect the same in return.

Q6 For me, intrinsic methods of motivation are going to the most effective. Since I already have a direction of work, I’d like to have a supportive leader or in other words people oriented leadership in the company. I’d overcome resistance to change by creating awareness regarding the change and by following a proactive approach rather than a reactive one. Work Cited Robbins, Stephen P. and Timothy A. Judge. Organizational Behavior. Prentice Hall, 2012. Book. Assignment Submitted By: Name

Download free paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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