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The paper "Personal SWOT Analysis for Career Path and Preparation" is a great example of a business case study. The purpose of this paper is to enable me to identify my career preparedness while studying at UCLan. Using the conventional SWOT analysis, I seek to explore my strengths, weakness, opportunities, and threats within and outside my career journey. The paper then tries to develop a marketing plan and a course of action that the world enables me to find my desired career. Personal SWOT analysis for career Path and preparation With a combination of my good standing academic grades, my campus involvement, and my recently concluded internship program at Prudential Assurance, I am perfectly poised to commence my career journey swiftly.

All through the field of finance has recently recorded extreme levels of competition for graduates, with thousands of candidates graduating every year, the huge demands by the public and the private sectors offer excellent opportunities for fresh graduates to succeed. Like a company applies the SWOT analysis technique in the business decision-making process and evaluating its strategic position in the market, the same strategy is applicable when doing a personal assessment to determine its own competitiveness.

The following is a thorough SWOT analysis of my career preparedness (Kotler 2007, pp. 69). Internal Environment Strengths Having majored in a business degree and minored in finance at UCLan, I have attended various forums on Finance and Economic issues, which have grounded me with all the necessary skills in the field. My considerably good standing GPA in the business school: 3.55 on the scale of 4.00; places me at the strategic position should any openings arise from the recruiting agencies.

My strong analytical knowledge of finance increases my chances of success in aptitude tests and interviews. While pursuing my studies at UCLan, I worked part-time for over two years in several departments in the university. I have been trained into three honorary societies and obtained recognition letters and awards from the Vice president of UCLan University. Last semester I concluded my 3 months paid internship at Prudential Assurance where I worked as a credit and mortgage advisor in the organization’ s Investment and Credit department. I posses strong college training and leadership skills, and in addition to my computer skills, I am familiar with financial applications such a Sage and NetSuit-financial. My close contact with my professors backs up my referee portfolio.

With most of these professors sitting in several Board of Governors in some financial firms; UCLan’ s is able to reinforce recommendations for securing entry positions to these firms. Another key strength I have is on my excellent communication and presentation skills. My oral communication is commendable having won twice public speaking challenges organized by the University Public Relations Club.

My college mentor has also asserted that this is one of my key strengths. In addition to this, I possess a strong work ethic, self-discipline, ability to work under pressure, creativity, optimism, or a high level of energy, teamwork, and keen to details. My part-time training in Spanish and French is another advantage I have. Some of the foreign and international companies consider candidates with the proficiency of these languages. Having worked with UClan’ s Alumni office, I have key personal contacts with the alumnus in senior positions in companies; these networks are very handy when looking for a place to begin a career (Armstrong 2003, pp.




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