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The paper "Personal and Professional Development Plan" is a good example of a business case study. It is a fact that every human being is blessed with some unique characteristics. These characteristics are in the form of ability, skills, background and are a culmination of each experience gathered from life, education level and the practical interactions with the environment. The real challenge that I face is to demarcate the strengths and advantages that I possess which will give a clear edge over others. It can be added that only pinpointing the strengths will not achieve the goal, the next step is to strategise my future plans based on this advantage that makes me so different from others.

While planning and strategising it is important that I should balance between the capabilities and the result to be achieved i. e. I shouldn’ t eat more than I can chew. So I should judiciously set my strategy and plan with respect to capacity in order to succeed. Strategising and setting goals is another alternative to commitment, setting the standard and get a sense of which direction to go (Hansen 2009) Self Reflection The personal assessment is very important in order to know my strength.

The strength which will be emphasised here is a leadership skill. It is important to know that leadership is not an autocratic function of rigidity and ruthlessness or a feeling of superiority but to get along with the other members of my team, learn and analyse their abilities, skills, professional approach, knowledge and characteristics so that the right person is entrusted with the right job. Further, I have to be careful that ego, petty selfishness and attitude do not become an obstacle.

The project requirement can be from any of the earlier project executed by me in university and are divided amongst the group members. In order to match the suitability of assigned tasks, a group discussion was held so that it can be understood which member will be given the particular task. In order to keep a record of the assignment, the progress of every member is closely monitored by me. The group members are well versed about their duties and performance level expected from them.

(Hansen 2009) As a successful leader, I have to be a good visionary so I can predict how the project plan and implementation will workout. As a leader, I conceptualise and visualise the ambits of operation, detail the plan on paper and analyse its track. As a project leader, I have strong research and analytical skills, along with a systematic and orderly approach to reach a solution. It is required that as a project leader I should be quick decision-maker and have the ability to multi-task e. g. managing 4 to 5 members of my group at the same time.

The marketing assignments undertaken earlier in the course by me helped in successfully implementing the target market analysis, also I have to formulate the exact marketing strategies and plans to be implemented in the respective project.


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Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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