Essays on Self-Reflection on Skills, Attributes, and Capabilities Development Coursework

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The paper "Self-Reflection on Skills, Attributes, and Capabilities Development" is an outstanding example of management coursework.   In everyday life, people make plans and outline what they intend to do. This is also applicable in organizations where they can also be written or memorised. All this in an endeavor to realize dreams, live a fulfilling life and make an important contribution to society. An example is where one cannot start a business without making a business plan. All these activities are in the form of goal, aims, missions, and values. The realisation of the above depends on a number of factors that includes a self-searching process psychologically that enables one to identify his or her strengths and weaknesses and evaluate how they can assist in achieving these goals that are short-term and long-term.

At times, it also becomes necessary to improve and develop these capabilities in order to match the short-term goals as well as long-term goals and missions. Certain elements, however, can act as hindrances to achievement of goals when encountered. They are known as limitations and should be identified and prevented earlier. Introduction Basic capabilities of human beings are brought about by the ability to lead healthy long lives, acquisition of knowledge, availability of resources that make a decent standard and ability to take part in community life.

Among these factors, the education curriculum provides a basis for the realization and development of these capabilities. Setting and planning of goal commonly referred to as “ goal work” facilitates long term vision and short term encouragement. It, therefore, focuses on one’ s intentions, desires, how knowledge is acquired and assists in resource organization. A goal is achieved from a desire or an intention when the action for achieving it is activated. In this article, I am going to outline the qualities I have discovered about myself after inner evaluation and state how I intend to put them into constructive use to achieve goals, missions and values I have set both personally and professionally.

Academic knowledge acquired will as well greatly influence my accomplishments. Self-Reflection on skills, attributes, and capabilities development Self-Reflection which can also be termed as introspection is the purposeful psychological process of consciously contemplating, analysing and reporting of inner thoughts, desires and feelings.

Spiritually, it also involves an examination of the soul (Boring 1953 p. 169-189). It becomes crucial when one needs to discover certain skills, attributes, and capabilities about him. After a thorough evaluation of myself, I discovered that I am detail-oriented in that I accord necessary attention to detail, efficient and organized, possess strong analytical and problem-solving skills, ability to make well thought out decisions, knowledge in MYOB, Excel and Word and ability to quickly learn new software packages. In addition, I have persistence at given tasks, ability to meet deadlines, professionalism and courteous manner with clients at all times.

Besides, I am able to communicate well with colleagues, supervisors and managers at all levels, work as part of a team as well as autonomously, in a busy, fast-paced environment, and handle cash, accountably. Since human beings are limitless in their capabilities, they always have room to develop and improve them. This enables them to live fully potential and productive lives according to their needs and interests. In this sense, people can, therefore, live their valuable lives.

Ability to expand choices and achieve this full potential is what results to a wealthy nation (UNDP 2009, par. 1).

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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