Essays on Personal Development and Careers Assignment

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The paper "Personal Development and Careers" is a wonderful example of a Management Assignment. Since childhood, I have always loved business. My father runs a small business of selling electronics and electrical appliances. He has employed two workers who help him in selling, arranging the products on the shelves and taking stocks. He manages it on a daily basis where he calls the supplies and places the order to receiving it when delivered, track sales and does all bookkeeping related issues for the business. In my free time I have all along been helping him to run the business.

All along I wanted to join a business school and study a course in business management. It will be a big opportunity for me to learn and complete this course. I wanted to learn business management skills that will enable me to expand my father business and make it grow to a big business. I came to find that he was not doing good marketing for the business so I want to learn some marketing skills that will help me to win more customers to be buying from us.

In order to be able to expand the business we will need to inject some extra cash to the business so I will need to run presentation skills to convince the bank people to grant us credit. TASK 3 – Factors That Influence Learning Resources based Personal interruption External interruption -Limited reading material that is lack of reading books in the library. -Lack of enough Learning facilities/ resources. -Use of technology in learning. -Lack of lecturers -Lack of experienced lecturers to teach students. -Large class size. -Drug abuse. -Family problems -like Parent -separation or -divorce -Physical disability like partial blindness. -Student Attitude. -Student Cultural background. -Students lack vision and goals. -Noise. -Peer influence that is some student influencing another student not to read or even organize a strike. -Language barriers. -Age difference. -Lack of teamwork spirit. - motivation -How the curriculum is crafted. -Wrangles in college leadership. -Abuse of student rights by college management. -Lack of school fees. -Race discrimination -Ethnicity among student of different tribes -Gender segregation. -Location of the school. TASK 5 – Reflections On The Presentation Planning Process For any organization or business to function well, the employees have to demonstrate good teamwork relationship and in addition, they must be able to effectively plan and present their reports or findings to the management.

As a Business and Management student, one has to demonstrate the ability to team up with others and also to do a good oral presentation. An oral presentation is one requirement to complete this course; the students are required to team up in groups and prepare an oral presentation. In my report am going to reflect on the planning processes our group went through in preparation for a presentation on Latex Manufacturing Company. The first meeting was tedious with heated debate; we came up with a work plan and time schedule.

The work plan was broken in four phases, the first phase was to agree among us members and make a choice on which company we are going to feature in our presentation. The second phase was to do a background study on the company, find out the main activity of the company, the departments, products manufactured, target market, history of the company, shareholders and finally study on its human resources. The third phase was to visit the company or to make a call to the company to clarify some of the details we had gathered from secondary sources.

The four and final phase was to design the PowerPoint slides. We met for two hours every day in the evening from 6:00 P. M to 8:00 P. M for five days from Monday of 22 November 2010 up to Friday 27 November 2010 in the hall. The members were punctual and very cooperative. Every member of the group was entitled to his own opinion and every issue raised by any member was taken seriously and addressed appropriately and in good time.

The workload was divided into parts each member was given his or her share according to his ability and specialty. Great cooperation and respect among group members played a big role in keeping the group together and we were able to accomplish was a mission in time and according to the budgeted time. Although we encountered a few problems here and there like some rude response we got the first time we tried to call the company contact person to book an appointment although we finally got to convince him and the company gave us the go-ahead to visit him.

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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