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The paper "Personal Development Plan for the Next Academic Year" is a great example of a management essay.   A personal development plan involves the most effective tools that are quite useful to the students and professionals, in which case they are aiming to achieve excellence in their various and respective fields. The plans usually utilize the idea of reflection to enable someone to keep track of the advances they have had to make in order to acquire the skills and knowledge. One ought to keep track of the changes necessary in their life and the weak points that require some improvements.

In essence, the plan helps in providing a person to observe their advancements, and conclude the skills that they can achieve in the future. Moreover, the plan helps in the achievement of professional and personal development goals. This is because accomplishment may demand to set of goals and proper planning. Usually, the setting of goals in the plan must be clear and measurable (Rughani, 2001). By embarking on my initial personal development plan, my social skills acquisition and communication were the principal goals I had to set for the semester.

This was the greatest strengths I had to achieve. In essence, I had to set and plan how to communicate further with my instructors in the points where I found myself weak. One significant thing that enabled my deeper understanding of the notions taught in the lecture room is the utilization of the instructor’ s office time and the using of the extra time to be in touch with them. This activity enables me to make a substantial change. In addition, during this semester, I had to increase the availability of time that I spent with instructors on learning immediately after the lectures, and I had to ensure that I pass over everything I had to learn in class.

Whenever I felt there was something requiring some clarification, I would approach the teacher with the issue myself, and this made me understand the concept before the next lecture begins (Tassoni, 2005). One of the strengths that I had involves interpersonal skills. In essence, social development was the most significant part of my plan. I had to discover that I never had the soft skills when I related myself to other people.

The skill that I had to acquire is quite significant in the next academic year and even in the workplace.  


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Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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