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The paper “ Personal Development Planning” is a thrilling example of an assignment on management.   The travel and tourism industry is the one I have a keen interest in, and more specifically, working with a reputable organization whereby I can contribute to its continued growth. I am a reliable and goal-getter person. In addition, I have strong organizational as well as customer service skills. I am always passionate about travel and tourism the latest trends. Furthermore, I am a team player and enjoy accomplishing tasks effectively. Currently, I am pursuing a bachelor’ s degree course in one of the UK colleges.

I believe these experiments have prepared me well for a career in travel and tourism.   WeaknessesDespite my strengths, I have some weaknesses as far as my personal skills are concerned. My greatest weakness is that I am a perfectionist and therefore, I strive to accomplish tasks effectively. In addition, I always feel guilty whenever I make mistakes. I also have problems with the English language, especially, grammar and pronunciation. To overcome these challenges, I set SMART goals, and rely on my group members in order to enhance my linguistic skills. OpportunitiesI intend to pursue a career in the travel and tourism industry after graduating from college.

Thus, I will ensure that my career is meeting both the companies and personal objectives. If given the opportunity, I will offer what I have learned in school and help in improving the performance and productivity of the firm. ThreatsSome threats may occur in the future and therefore hinder me from accomplishing my personal as well as the firm’ s objectives. Such threats include lack of strong IT skills, lack of excellent presentation skills and public speaking skills and failure to get a job in my preferred field due to intense competition in the job market.

To overcome these challenges and attain my career goals, I will make the best use of my existing strengths, free up my body language, and be at the vanguard of the innovation wave. SWOT ANALYSIS   Strengths -Excellent communication skills -Good managerial skills. -Ability to speak various languages, including Russian, French, and English Weaknesses -I have a problem with English grammar and speaking. -I am a Perfectionist. Opportunities -To finish my University Bachelor’ s Degree. -To pursue a career in Travel and Tourism Threats -I am not competent with MS-Office Suite -Due to the competition in the job market, I will not be able to find a job in my desired field after I finish my degree. -I do not have excellent presentation skills and public speaking skills. 2) State the academic skills you have developed from a previous semester The following are the skills that I have developed from the previous semester; -Time management skills- Listening skills- Communication skills 3) Reflect on the new skills you have developed this semester. The following is a reflection of the new skills that I have developed this semester; Communication skills-During this semester, I have developed excellent communication skills including; telephone conversation skills, report writing skills, conflict management skills, interviewing skills, using polite language while communicating to others, presentation skills and actively contributing to group discussions. Interpersonal skills- I have learned to interact well with people from diverse backgrounds.

Also, I have learned to be sympathetic to others and being supportive of others. This semester, I have also learned to keep promises and respect others and their properties. Analytical skills-During this semester, I have developed two levels of thinking including the critical level and intuitive level.

The critical level involves extraordinary evaluation of the status of given acts based on the information that supports mental power given adequate time for reflection. On the other hand, an intuitive level of thinking involves day to day evaluation of the status of different actions. Thus, I have learned to apply critical thinking besides intuitive reasoning.

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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