Essays on Personal Development Planning Assessment Assignment

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The paper "Personal Development Planning Assessment" is an impressive example of a Business assignment. Personal development planning is one of the most effective ways for professionals and students to achieve excellence and better progress in their respective areas.   The development planning involves a holistic assessment of different personal attributes that allows one to evaluate their achievement in social, emotional, and mental abilities and maturity. To enhance the holistic development of an individual, one must undertake several activities continuously and more progressively (Beausaert et al. 2011). Furthermore, it is essential to use a lot of expertise to develop the desirable features that will culminate into independent and objective life decisions and individual performance.   Imperatively, a personal development plan uses the idea of personal reflection to enable an individual track and trace the steps that they have taken to acquire their skills and knowledge.

It also allows one to keep track of the changes needed in their life and the weaknesses that they require to improve (Clegg & Bradley 2004). Using a personal development plan, an individual can gauge their progress and determine the requisite skills to achieve their future goals and plans.

It follows that a comprehensive personal development plan enables an individual not only to achieve personal but also professional development goals. The rationale for this is that success requires planning and setting goals (Tucker et al 2016). Further, the goals set in such plans should not only be clear but measurable, specific, time-bound, and realistic. In short, they must be SMART goals.   In my personal development plan, I seek to discuss a general overview of myself; my background, and significant achievement. I will also make a personal assessment before entering PDP module one and then focus on my PDP experience in a more comprehensive manner.

I will also offer my personal insights after the PDP experience and, finally discuss my plans.


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Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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