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Personal Developmental Plan As we grow in life, there is a need for self grooming and capa building. Everything in life needs to be dealt with through varying particular ways. A pet animal cannot be treated similarly to an infant, or a formal meeting cannot be called in the same way as throwing a party. The ways of carrying yourself in life can also be achieved through a plan or strategy, known as Personal Developmental Plan. Personal Developmental Plan can be defined as bringing attention or focus on polishing skills, attitude, abilities, competencies and know-how for individual personal aims.

Nevertheless, people view this concept differently with their own perspectives emerging from the factors influencing their lives. It can be either applicable to business, education or social grooming, like relations with family and friends. There are various goals in life which can be achieved through constructing Personal Developmental Plan. These goals could be improving self-awareness, improving employability, financial development, defining one’s lifestyle, building strategies, love, parenting, family planning, communication skills, anger/emotions management, studying, travelling, meditation and many others. There must be questions in one’s mind about the need for Personal Developmental Plan.

There are two types of that need: the first is the change in your life and the second is when you are not content with what you have so far. Sometimes people don’t really know what they want from life. For that one needs to open up his mind and think beyond his narrowness with a flexible approach and devise not one but at least three concrete plans about life. My Personal Developmental Plan is constructing a framework for my career path in life.

For that, first of all, I am going to see my options if I have got any at all. This is called Observation. Secondly, I will look for opportunities within my options. It is Analysis. Thirdly, I will choose that option which will lead me to the best opportunity. That’s called Decision Making. Fourthly, I am going to start practical work to give an operational shape to my option. Finally, when the option takes me to the best opportunity, I will utilize it and make it a part of my life.

This is called Action. Through this my desired goal will be achieved. But the aforementioned plan seems like a rough framework. For more effective strategy, a comprehensive approach is required. Here I need to identify and draw a future vision regarding my career plan. I need to answer questions like: where do I stand right now? How much control have I got over the factors influencing by vision? Where do I want to go? How much should I rely on hard work and destiny?

What am I going to do once I reach my destination? I have to have a long term strategy along with short and mid-terms. I will start off with answering the above questions one by one. A vision is defined as an ideal situation that our minds present. My current scenario is: I am a 22 years old masters graduate in social sciences with an average result. I am doing an internship right now at a research firm. I personally feel like I haven’t achieved anything noteworthy in life until now, and for achieving a milestone I will have to do something extraordinary.

I should get a better degree in the field of my strength. For that I wish to apply to a university abroad. That degree will serve me better in my own country. I will have an edge over the people I work with. My ideal future vision is knowledge, wealth, fame and stable marital life. I will formulate three different scenarios to my desired goal. My catalyst here is career path. My career lies central to other aspects of my life.

This means that my career path if turned out to be functional and in my favor, will give me the opportunity to achieve my ideal vision. Out of these three scenarios one will be possible, the other will be probable and the third one would be desirable. But, before presenting these three scenarios, it is essential to figure out the obstacles and points of vulnerability. Nothing in the real world is absolute. With options and opportunities come challenges. So there are a number of loopholes and paradoxes in my scenarios: the approval of my visa, the required tests, the right choice of the area of my strength, financial constraints, medical conditions, my attitude and confidence level, time and events and, most importantly, the choice of right university abroad.

These are some of the factors I will have to look out while travelling the path of my vision. If I start searching admissions abroad, I will first look for scholarships offered. After that search, I will have to register myself before the dead line of applications and consult a career counselor if I have any doubts regarding the choice of my subject.

Once I have completed the form and submitted it, I will have to be patient to get a response for an acceptance or interview call. This period will be my emotional test. The anxiety might add to my stress and tend to go against me. This is my possible scenario. Another crucial factor is the time paradox. The time frame should be such as to meet the demands of the situation. Too early prior to the announcement of admissions or too late subsequent to it will result in failure.

Also, the work associated with it should be timed. For instance, I should submit the application maximum 3 days before the deadline or apply for visa keeping in view the duration of its processing, relative to the start of the university’s session. With all mentioned prerequisites, the financial factor is also a very essential requirement. To be on the save side, every plan has to have a backup plan. A probable scenario is that I don’t get accepted by the university.

Instead of sulking over it and feeling failed in my approach, I will have a second option to try my luck. I can invest my skill of writing and reading somewhere else. For instance, while I am working as an intern I can start searching openings related to research, teaching or writing articles for different online magazines and newspapers. This will help me strengthen my knowledge on current affairs and polish my writing skills as well as interpersonal skills. The work published will bear my name, so people might start knowing me.

This scenario serves me to a degree. But the loophole here could be that I may divert from seeking another degree. The desired and ideal scenario would be if I get an admission in an abroad university through a scholarship. My visa being processed on time and allotted to me before my classes start will be another bonus. My financial and medical condition being in place and running strong enough will solve every possible problem standing in my way. I will also have to think of accommodation abroad, so if I have any friends or acquaintances I shall be contacting them soon.

Once I am there, I will have to concentrate on my degree and not let external factors influence my goal, because I would have invested a great amount of time and money in getting there. After completing my degree, I shall come back to my country and serve my people. By that time, I will be ready to settle. This will bring me inner peace and satisfaction. References Dolezal Vlad.

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