Essays on Talent Management Practice and Personal Effectiveness Project Coursework

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The paper 'Talent Management Practice and Personal Effectiveness Project" is a perfect example of management coursework. This report is aimed at collecting the attributes and performance of Subject A while the subject will be working along with the lawyers on a project of the organization. The firm is a large firm with a bigger market share and it mainly deals with the development of portable computing devices such as laptops, palmtops and Netbooks. There have been several issues regarding the legal content and design of the devices. Other companies are coming up with similar models and there is a patent lawsuit against our firm.

The human resource manager is supposed to use this opportunity to evaluate Subject A. The nature of the staff member and how they interact with others on the project will be evaluated. Subject A can be evaluated using various indicators in order to examine their psychological and behavioural traits. The instrument indicators that will be used; Self-monitoring test, Big-Five locator, Interaction styles, Hemisphere Dominance test, and an additional Communication skills test. Self-monitoring test will be used to indicate the margin of change of the individual's personality while in a different environment and with a different group of team members.

The big-five locator will enable us to examine the relationship between the personality and professional performance of subject A. Interaction style is another test that will be used to examine the presentation and interaction of subject A with others. Hemisphere dominance is a fourth test for subject A and it is aimed at establishing the side of the brain that is dominant. The fifth and final test that will be used in this report will be the communication skills test.

This is a test that looks at the essential skills while dealing with different aspects of the company. Given that this is a crisis kind of task communication is very essential and many fail to articulate their points very well especially when they are under pressure. Scenario The scenario, in this case, has been explained in the introductory part of this report. The chief communication offers is enjoined with a team of legal experts in coming up with a management crisis plan.

The plan is aimed at helping the organization to deal with a crisis that it faces. The given that this is a handheld computing device company, there has been issues relating to privacy, copyright and patent war of some of its products. The legal implantation is very huge based on the copyright law and other internal law hence the company wants to find a solution to this problem. Since there is a lot of media report, the chief communication officer must be involved in the process in order to be able to answer all media questions.

The communication officer is also supposed to act as a link between the top management and the legal team. Given the agency of issues at hand, the project is expected to last for two months. As the human resource officer under the instructions of the human resource manager, I am supposed to evaluate subject A and write a talent management report relating to learning skills, interaction styles and other such factors.

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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