Essays on Development and Promoting of Calcron Android Application Business Plan

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The paper “ Development and Promoting of   Calcron Android Application” is a   cogent example of a business plan on finance & accounting. Kurt production is a technology-based organization that craves for creativity and innovation. The company is very willing to invest in multiple new projects in order to assess market demands. Recently During us, along with the company's creative development team, came up with the idea to develop an all-new mobile application. So, in this paper, we will be discussing the business and development plan regarding this new application. Executive Summary The success rate of most mobile apps has risen dramatically over the past few years due to the excessive popularity of smartphones (Darcey and Conder, 2012).

We wanted to develop an application that mostly focuses on the students. We noticed that students now a day has been going through a lot of financial problems, and most of them are unable of keeping track of their income, costs, or loans. We wanted to make an application that can help the students in these scenarios. In order to make a business plan for the application, we needed to assess the market demands.

This was necessary because we had to make a decision based on this analysis whether to release the product into the market ourselves or sell the technology to an established firm (Scott, 2015). For this analysis, multiple steps were taken. First, we had to see if there any actual demand for this kind of application in the market. So, we started by conducting an online survey via our website and social media sites. Our target users were students age 17-25. We also had several universities to conduct the survey at their campus on behalf of us.

The result of the survey was very much positive. Then we had to establish a business model for the application. Like any other mobile app, we had two options, either the subscription model or the pay-per-download model. The subscription model would charge the users $1.45/ month. And the pay-per-download would charge them $3.49. The price was set by comparing other financial applications in the market.  


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Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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