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The paper 'Sourcing an Internship Opportunity" is an outstanding example of a finance and accounting admission essay.   I have found an internship opportunity offered by KPMG. KPMG is a firm that offers advisory, audit and tax services to companies and other organizations. The firm is a professional service company and ranked as among the four largest audit companies in the world (KPMG 2016, 1). The large workforce and the fact that the company has set up in different countries across the globe offers an opportunity to develop my accounting career.

I sourced the internship opportunity through visiting KPMG’ s website, http: //www. graduateopportunities. com/employers/kpmg/, where I found the graduate and undergraduate programs they have to help develop careers for students starting from when they are in school. The application for the internship is to be sent through the firm’ s email. One of my goals has been to work in a multinational firm where I can get an opportunity to work in different countries and grow my career from an international level. KPMG offers that opportunity, especially through their undergraduate job programs. The fact that they are open to those that have graduated and those still in school means that there is an opportunity to grow my career in the firm given the opportunity (KPMG 2016, 1). KPMG, being one of the world’ s leading firms offering professional services, has their standards high for every person who wishes to work for the firm (KPMG 2016, 1).

This means that to benefit from the program, I have to ensure that I get good grades and stand out from the rest of the students. According to Cottrell (2014, 6), employers are looking for graduates with skills that are relevant to the economy and are ready to work.

To acquire these relevant skills, it means that I have to work hard in school to ensure that I get good grades. Employers also require people who can communicate effectively and work well with others. This means that one has to work to develop their communication skills and learn to work in teams effectively. Skills cannot be gained only through studying. I will have to participate in practical exercises provided by the school in the course of the learning process.

Other than this, I intend to also find other places I can work during holidays and weekends to sharpen my skills in accounting. These techniques will provide a competitive edge as I prepare for the internship. In future, however, I intend to seek for more permanent opportunities where I can work and gain skills without interruption especially once I graduate. I also intend to participate in workshops and seminars to sharpen my skills and judgment in the course of executing my duties. Cover Letter September 24, 2016 KPMG Australia, P. O BOX 13222 Law Courts, Melbourne. Dear Sir/ Madam: I was excited to see an opportunity at your firm for the undergraduate vacation recruitment program, and I hope to be invited for an interview. I am a student at Deakin University where I am pursuing an undergraduate accounting course.

I have had an interest in working for your firm which offers auditing, tax and advisory services to other companies and organizations across the globe. Your firm is also a market leader in offering professional services which further increases my desire to work for the firm.

The global network made up of different organizations created by your firm is an incentive for me to work for your firm since I have always desired to develop my career from an international perspective. While in school, I have participated in several accounting seminars and workshops organized by the school and others by corporate organizations. Further, I have also worked at the accounting offices in the school, SBG Accountants and Business Advisors and Southertons Melbourne during weekends and holidays as a way to acquire practical accounting skills.

Through all these experiences I have learned about the importance of teamwork, and I have also gained effective communication skills which are essential in all places of work. Other than this, my academic performance is exemplary as is evident from the letter from the school indicating my performance (Office of Career Services 2016, 9).


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