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The paper "Things Learned from Working in a Multidisciplinary Team" is a great example of management coursework.   Pursuing an MBA course at the Australian National University has been quite an interesting journey for me. I have always been passionate about business courses that open doors to one becoming a great manager or entrepreneur in the future. A lot is learned in schools, but what really matters is one’ s ability to integrate the knowledge acquired through the school course work in a practical environment. Consequently, I have learnt to appreciate management courses, particularly MBA. Management field has evolved over time and has become more accommodating and efficient.

From a report by the health knowledge organization, present management is characterized by characteristics such as trust, proper planning, innovation, creativity, inclusive empowerment and semi-autonomous units of workstations (Public Health Action Support Team (PHAST), 2011, para. 3). The definition of management is entirely not sufficient to understand what happens in the sector field. Critical insight into practical issues that individuals in management positions are faced with is a necessity. The following reflective learning report seeks to highlight significant aspects of my journey towards successful project development.

Evidence in the paper is based on the personal education journal where I was recording my experiences prior to and even after starting my MBA in the various projects and school assignments. In addition, it critically reviews what I have learned, my own perception towards the course unit, the dilemmas and challenges encountered as well as the future goals derived. The first set of the project that I got involved in is the business plan project work assigned to us during the first month into the course.

An outline of the five team members’ feedback has been highlighted in order to understand our overall gradual development in the management field. The second piece of feedback evidence is based on a team role report analysis, including the various activities that I got involved in overtime in school. Things learned from working in a multidisciplinary team From the various projects undertaken in school with colleagues, I have learnt to appreciate different fields of study taught in school. At one point, I teamed up with two friends; one was pursuing pharmacy while the other was pursuing an Economics and statistics course.

We would meet after school hours to develop a business plan that would see us build an empire. I was particularly intrigued by the enthusiasm of my friend in the pharmacy field to learn the world of business. Both members of the team were very cooperative which enabled us to realize that team spirit is what matters most when tackling a task. In addition, we frequently visited our lecturer for insights and ideas that would help us develop the best business plan.

Our business plan revolved around developing a chain store that would be established in different locations near the University. Every group member significantly got involved in the discussions of drawing up a business plan. None of us failed to attend a meeting unless in an emergency situation. I learnt the characteristics of an ideal participant which include the fact that my team members would identify themselves with our project goals, we all got time to participate in the discussion, everybody was passionate about contributing to its success, and we all were knowledgeable in our respective fields which were an added advantage.


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