Essays on Process of the Groups Formation, its Functioning and Challenges Coursework

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The paper "Process of the Group’ s Formation, its Functioning and Challenges " is an outstanding example of management coursework.   Working in groups is one of the most interesting and at the same time most challenging aspects of learning. This option is used by a number of instructors and learning institutions to boost the outcomes of learning and teaching. The method of group/team formation and the persons forming groups vary depending on circumstances and context. In most cases, groups are formed to achieve a specific objective. In the current course of International Business Management, we worked as a group of six students to complete a given assignment.

The process of forming the group, how the group functioned and the contribution of each member impacted on how the group functioned and achieved its objective. This paper is a reflection report that highlights the process of the group’ s formation, it's functioning, challenges that arose among other issues relevant to the functioning of the group. Importance of teamwork One of the key functions of working in groups is preparing learners to work in teams in their respective professions.

The group was supposed to function as a unit where members can draw inspiration and motivation in learning and assist one another as peers. Members were expected to share their experiences and knowledge, encourage communication, engage in constructive criticism of ideas and develop one another professionally. A group must remain objective throughout the course. Oakley (2007) indicates that unless teams are guided by a clear goal, they are very likely to lose focus and engage in non-essential matters or get distracted by detours that do not contribute much toward achieving the set goals.

The goals must be strategically identified as long term and short term and aligned to a team’ s lifetime (Belbin, 2012). The current group clearly identified the need for working as a team as being for academic and practical experience purposes. The team functioned both as a group and as a team. This is something that I was aware of from a practical perspective but came face to face with how they can be different and affect the deliverables of the team. West and Markiewicz (2008) identify a group as a collection of people and resources who work in collaboration to carry out specific tasks where the individual is accountable for the deliverable.

On the other hand, a team is accountable as a unit for the deliverable. In this case, my group functioned both as a team and as a group. I say this because we started out for academic first assignment was completed as a single output from the team. This required equal contribution of all members in preparing the report and making contributions towards its completion, given the various backgrounds, cultures and personalities presented in the team, the task was not the easiest to accomplish (Oakley et al. , 2004).

It is sometimes very hard to accomplish the task within a few days. Some members would not attend the meetings at times and others would come in late perpetually despite numerous attempts by the group leader’ s efforts to give the whole exercise a formal approach.

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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