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Email: ahmedmoub@dmail. comMobile: +447887778322Nationality: SaudiProfessional area: Sales and marketingEducation: University (Business information systems)My personal development for my first year at UniversityGetting to University may at times get students confused especially when they are not quite sure of what they expect in their line of career. However, for me, that has not been the case because, through my past work experiences my passion for my career has grown well before even my University education and hence I am in a position to tell what I expect in terms of my career. Sales and marketing is a venture that I have always wished to get into ever since at a tender age.

Some of the skill areas I may wish to work on emanate from my past experiences. These include some of my major responsibilities in my areas of practice which have been: To be in charge of customersKeying out and resolution of customer concerns Gearing up of status reports when neededPassing across new product and service opportunities, special developments, information, or feedback obtained from outside research to reserved organization staff membersTo avail and deal company productions and services to possible clients as well as those present at the momentTo fix action plans and agendas to discover particular objectives and to predict the count of reaches to be arrived atTo Pursue newly identified tracks and recommendations ensuing from field actionTo find out sales opportunities and reach these and other accounts as assignedTo design demonstrations, proposals and sales contractsTo originate and assert sales materials and current merchandise cognitionTo lay down and maintain current client and possible client relationsTo come up with records to actuate and keep contract servicesTo take part in merchandising events which may include conferences, trade shows, and telecommerce eventsTo pursues for assembling of defraymentTo Co-ordinate transport timetables and legal transfer of products and servicesTo arrange for on-the-job training to new sales employeesTo supervise bill services through quality assays and other follow-up activitiesTo co-ordinate company staff to carry out the work called for to close salesTo come up with and enforce particular sales activities to cut down on stockTo assist in the enforcement of company selling programs pro re nataOther relevant duties that may be allotted to the sales and marketing personnel (Vavra 1995)Having been involved in some of the above responsibilities at one time or another made me learn that there were some skills that I really needed to work on to ensure I was to be at par with my expectations. Communication SkillsCommunication is a cardinal requirement in my career and hence my excellent communication skills in both English and Arabic have gone a long way in nurturing the effectiveness of my service.

I take it as my responsibility at all times to talk to all kinds of people in a manner deemed to be pleasant and calm.

Initially, I undertook an intensive English course at the same university but in another campus for two years before joining the main campus where I am studying till now. During the two years, I can confidently say that I gained a lot of skills that are fundamental as far as the English language is concerned. This experience helped me perfect my English language skills especially in the areas of writing notes, scanning and skimming.

I however feel that I still have to perfect the same for the best impact.

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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