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Personal ment Business involves transactional activities of purchasing and selling of goods and services in exchange for money to earn some profit. To sustain these activities and generate profit continuously over time, proficiently rich management skills that will harness, coordinate and harmonise all the operations within the organisation in all departments and units are essential to ensure that the system functions effectively as required. Key in business management is the element of leadership. Theorists describe management as the core unit or subsidiaries that are solely depend on the ‘core’ to operate.

Any aspiring entrepreneur who has dreams of ever succeeding in business venture, therefore, has to keenly consider business management course that will equip them with the scientific tact of effectively running their businesses. It is for this reason that I am applying for business management course so that upon completion, I will be equipped both with the theoretical and practical skills and knowledge that will inform my actions and behaviours in the running process of a business enterprise. The course will enable me understand the dynamics and challenges experienced in the business environment and provide suitable ways of solving them. Of special interest to me in the area of business is the one-on-one interaction that business activities provide with employees, customers, suppliers, competitors among others.

Today, business has grown and radicalised so much that everyone in one way or the other is engaged in some sort of business. Most of the developments seen today in the world today have been brought about by business or business-related activities. The desire to expand and grow in business has seen the development of several infrastructural facilities raising the standards of living of the local people in those areas where the transactions are happening.

Business management in particular is scientific in nature and that means that it uses systematic approaches in analysing and studying the dynamics of business. This greatly intrigues me since aspects such as procedures, research and analysis in business are embedded on scientific models and carried out through systematic criteria that increase the level of accuracy, validity and reliability. For instance, business models, SWOT analysis and theories associated to these are all founded on strong tested scientific grounds.

I stand out as uniquely creative and innovative individual who constructs almost ‘everything out of nothing’. I am goal-oriented person who commits every effort I have to see my objective met. With strong determination and will-power, my motivation level is constantly high and requires little or no reinforcement to deliver an impressive performance. I am a strong proponent of teamwork and my abilities to easily interact and coordinate with other players reinforce my organisational skills that are significant in this line of profession. Business management requires team-play and positively coordinated efforts to create a healthy professional relationship between the management and the employees and even amongst the employees themselves.

My entrepreneurial skills can be demonstrated by the fact that I have established and successfully managed my own personal business which currently commands a vast market base in its area of operation. In the international arena, I have another business that despite the regular challenges has exemplarily performed and produced unbelievable outcomes. These personal business ventures have provided me with an extensive, relevant experience and a basic foundation that is essential in furthering my business career both in the local and international arenas. Having completed a course in Information Technology (IT), my knowledge-base has been broadened and perspectives on other aspects such as information technology in business have, as a result, widened.

With the progressive advancement of technology, the need to understand deeply the trends in modern information patterns and changes that are emerging is a prerequisite if effective business management is to be anticipated. Globalisation has brought the world into a small town and only through insight into current information technology systems can international trade be enabled.

The program is relevant to business management because it has equipped me with an understanding of the role of current information system in promoting business through forums such as the social media platforms among others as well as putting communication mechanisms in an organisation that promote free-flow of activities and performance. Coupled with the basic leadership training I have received, I will find business management program suitable and efficient. Throughout the management operations of my personal business, I have showed classical leadership skills that have seen my business, composed of numerous workers, run smoothly, record great profits and grow steadily.

My outstanding critical and analytical skills have also helped me make sound decisions in case of a problem and focusing on business management would be beneficial as it requires similar skills. It is worth pointing out that I am a risk taker and driving an organisation into a ‘Blue Sea’ after careful analysis and evaluation has been done forms part of my duties. I am an out-going person who likes to socialise and interact with people.

My extrovert personality enables me to form relationships and alliances with people very easily and this has assisted me in managing and cooperating with the people I work with. Honesty, integrity and servant-leadership virtues are my key pillars in my business undertakings. These three values will help me to work with accountability and responsibility frameworks that eventually facilitate my high performance in every single aspect of my management operations. I am gifted time manager who schedules activities and executes tasks within a specific timeframe and since business management values time, I will fit in quite well.

I am particularly passionate about, professional networking, sports, news, questions and answer games and travelling. I do question and answer games to keep my mind challenged and stimulated such that it can perform even better when faced with an extremely challenging crisis as seen in various management challenges. I travel severally when to explore and keep updated with the current situations in the society which helps me make informed decision and construct strategies that are based on well researched information.

Management may require individuals to make numerous moves and only those who take the long journeys as a hobby may enjoy the field. An example is when managers travel out of the country for business summits and conventions which may last for several days or weeks. With this passion, I am best placed to diligently carry out managerial duties and respond to obligations. As already mentioned, I have a vast work experience of over ten years in business field on the local and international platforms.

The business I own has presented me with an opportunity to do a pilot study about what business management is exactly. With a considerable number of workers under my supervision and regulation who I related with on a daily basis directing and assisting them where necessary, I have developed confidence, leadership and managerial skills among others that have commissioned me for a professional career in business management. The encounter I have had with management has drawn me closer to this practice since I can directly appraise my efforts and contribution through the ultimate performance of the employees and general organisational production outcome.

Through this job, I have been also able to learn diverse nuances of people (customers and employees) thereby increasing my overall competence in management practice. The many challenges I have experienced in managing my business have provided with resilience to function in a very challenging environment and have enhanced my problem-solving skills. I have also worked in many other positions such as admin assistant, customer service officer ad estate sales assistant; all adding to the bundle of experience in my career growth. Based on the above discussed qualifications, work experience, personality and traits, hobbies and interest, business management course requirements parallel well with my situation and I am confident that if admitted for the program, I will make the best out of it.

I implore and beseech you to consider my application and grant me a chance into this program so that I can get an opportunity to fulfil both my short-term and long-term career goals of prospecting into the business world. I look forward to your positive feedback.

Thank you in advance.

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