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Personal ment The impetus to decide on pursuing higher education has been provided by the challenging demands of one’s current profession. As analumnus of the Kelly School of Business, graduating in December 2010 with an undergraduate degree of Bachelor of Science in Business, the immediate immersion to the global consulting organization, Accenture, tested one’s abilities to apply the theoretical framework gained from my major: Information and Processing Management – Management Information System. I appreciated learning a lot of things from actual practices; however, I realized that a Master’s degree is preferred in the industry to meet diverse global requirements on the specialized field and to enhance one’s competencies in communicating with clients.

I naturally chose Indiana University where I studied my undergraduate courses which provided me the direction to be in a career path as a consultant. Likewise, I acknowledged that the academic courses taken at the university were very helpful in providing a soft landing to the firm. Academic expertise, knowledge, and the skills honed are immensely required and applied; as well as the proficiency in the MSIS program is expected for me to provide the current organizational needs.

I worked mostly in operations and process management and the projects I have been personally involved in were instrumental in setting up my future professional goals. I want to be a generalist who can handle project management as a leader. Having worked in the capacity of a business and IT strategy analyst, the experience enabled me to realize that despite the various analytical, problem-solving, interpersonal, teambuilding, and communication skills that continue to be developed, I still need to improve managerial and decision-making skills.

The IT industry and SI consulting firms need specialists to address clients’ needs; but generalists are noted to be normally more focused on management and sales parts. So my future career goal is to be a generalist who can have industrial expertise and specialty. Another crucial reason for applying at Kelly for the Information Systems Graduate Programs is its validated commitment that embodies The Kelly Advantage (Indiana University). True to the university’s words, “95 percent of our students have a job in the field by the time they graduate” (Indiana University 1).

Having attested the university’s adherence to high standards of education that encompasses a multidimensional approach to learning and applications, I am sure that the defined personal and professional goals would be fulfilled. As global organizations increasingly acknowledge the need for experts in the field of information technology and knowledge management, I realized that pursuing a graduate program is not just an academic goal; but more of a requisite necessity to address the sophisticated and specialized needs of global organizations. Since I was accorded with the privilege of gaining the theoretical background for the program at Indiana University, the consistency and excellence in the creation and application of a conducive multidisciplinary learning environment is expected.

I am confident that the Kelly School of Business is the most appropriate educational institution that would ensure the realization of both my personal and professional goals. Works Cited Indiana University. Information Systems Graduate Programs. 2012. Web. 29 January 2012 .

Download free paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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