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In a highly competitive globalized world, to be successful in life, it is imperative for an individual to develop in himself the right kind of knowledge and skill, the right kind of experiences and above all remain ambitious no matter how adverse the situation at hand presents itself. It is this drive, to be successful in life, that makes me move out of my comfort zone and venture out in search of a degree that I believe will help me to achieve my objectives in life. It is goal of my life to gain knowledge with my strong ambition to study Finance in master program.

In order to make sure that I am able to accomplish this goal, I have been making sure to avail every possible opportunity which will facilitate me in the process. In order to apply the knowledge I gain during my undergraduate studies and to get an idea of the corporate sector I did an internship last summer for two months at the EDB (Economic Development Board) of Bahrain. I was appointed in the International Operations division and performed all my responsibilities in efficient manner under the supervision of my manager and junior associate.

It was an unforgettable experience, as it was my first proper interaction with the business and professional world and from that moment I knew that Finance is my comfort zone. A finance specialization, I believe has the right set of knowledge and skills which will provide an individual with experiences that are not only applicable in professional but also in other aspects of life as well. Above all the basic theme in finance regarding value addition makes me eager to study this subject, because I also believe in adding value in all aspects of my life.

Giving this point a deep thought I realise that finance deals with things that helps you become a realist, which is actually the requirement of the time that engulfs us right now. The recession of 2007 has brought the world economy back to square one; the economic engine is restarting and it needs a pragmatist with iron hands to keep it on the thin road, in order for the economy to avoid going into double dip.

I believe the situation that the world is facing right now is due to the unrealistic and extravagant assumptions of Quants’, who were wrongly made responsible for driving the world economy. In my personal opinion it should had been a finance individual who should have been given the role of setting the parameters for the world economy. With businesses in the grip of economic pressure, I believe they need the expertise of finance individuals even more today than ever before. Therefore, to expand my utility I would like to focus my finance education on corporations, who I feel need restructuring efforts on a large scale in order to remain competitive.

Furthermore, I think integrating the knowledge of an undergraduate degree in risk management with a pure finance degree would allow me to experience risk identification in a whole new light. And I believe this to be a sound transition to a higher level degree as the focus or application that I am seeking from a finance degree has already been provided by my undergraduate degree.

But having said this, I think there are few areas that I need to explore even further, and through the well renowned faculty of this University I believe I would get a whole new insight, that would move me to a whole new paradigm. The outside world offers both opportunities and risks in the process of achieving my goal. The current recessionary economic environment may last several years and place limits on hiring within multi-national corporations. It may be necessary for me to broaden my perspective to include management positions outside of management and outside of manufacturing, where the growth opportunities appear to be greater. Despite the risks, there is significant potential.

Large corporations continue to expand their global presence, and need finance managers with a strong work history and experience working with people from differing cultural backgrounds. Completion of an Master program in finance will, I believe, provide me with the necessary educational background to match my work experience, and to take advantage of the possibilities that are ahead. Hopefully, the level I achieve during my stay in this university will be sufficient enough for me to be an integral team member in an organization, or provide a differentiating advice when it comes to consulting a client.

In both cases, whether they are my team mates or my corporate clients, I would like to display my ambitiousness to them. They should feel the impact in my advice or concern. It is this ambitiousness that I would try to shape in the years I spend at your university. From the very start I have been very serious and responsible about my education and for this reason I got scholarship from the ministry of education to study abroad, as I was from the top ten students in the country.

I look forward to maintain the same dedication while pursuing further education in your university.

Download free paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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