Bachelor of Arts in International Business Seeks Professional Advancement by Enrolling in the Masteral Program in Business Administration, Major in Finance at UNLV – Personal Statement Example

MBA Application I graduated in 2004 with a degree Bachelor of Arts in International Business from the of Nevada, Las Vegas (UNLV). I would like to seek professional advancement by enrolling in the Masteral Program in Business Administration, major in Finance at UNLV. I am convinced that pursuing a Masteral degree will help me realize my educational and professional goals. Having worked for more than ten years now, I am aware that there are still a lot of things which I can learn in the area of business management. It is my belief that graduation from college is not the end of learning. Learning is a continuing life-long experience and taking an MBA course is a step towards this experience. Not only will a Masteral degree help me to learn new things; it will also assist me in accumulating new experiences, which I will discover from my professors and school mates.
My work background dates back from 2001 to the present. I have worked as a general manager, certified teller, sales assistance manager and am currently a front desk agent in a hotel in Las Vegas. My work has exposed me to various administrative and managerial work. I have been tasked with several responsibilities which require technical knowledge in finance and operations management. I am comfortable working with different types of people, having a lot of exposure in customer relations. As a manager, I value leadership and try to inspire my co-workers to achieve their personal, as well as company goals. I am focus-driven and have a track record of superior performance in all of my jobs, which I partly attribute to the training I obtained from UNLV.
My short-term educational goal is to graduate from a Masteral Program in Business Administration. After completing my Masteral degree, I see myself being involved in UNLV’s educational outreach programs so that I may be able to give back a little of what I have gained from the university. My long-term professional goal is to be able to continually upgrade and enhance my skills and knowledge. Furthermore, I would like to take on more meaningful and challenging responsibilities and contribute whatever I can with the company I will be working for in the future. After having gained enough expertise, I would like to grow and become a successful entrepreneur.
I trust that you will look kindly on my application and its merits and consider me for UNLV’s Masteral Program in Business Administration. UNLV has been a big part of my success in my professional career and I hope to continue to be part of this superior university.