Essays on Personality and the Self-concept in Relation to Mobile Phones Assignment

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The paper "Personality and the Self-concept in Relation to Mobile Phones" is a wonderful example of an assignment on marketing. Individual characteristics that determine mobile phone usage Consumer behavior is said to be how and why consumers make some buying decisions. Marketers always try their best to understand the behavior of consumers so that they can devise suitable marketing decisions to increase their sales and brand loyalty. Besides the personal traits, there are several other characteristics of the individual consumer that determine their decision to buy or not to mobile phones.

These characteristics include: The need to be unique A customer may want to get a phone that is unique from the rest so as to stand out from the crowd. Such customers don’ t put a lot of importance on what other people will say regarding their possession or their appearance. They strive tortures, be unique through searching for mobile phones that are unique in their features, functionality, capacity and the design so as to suit their uniqueness needs (Shah A, 2010). Personal motives A customer may decide to buy a particular type of phone simply because they believe that this phone will satisfy a particular need or will enable then to further their goals.

For example, a student may decide to go for a phone that is internet enabled so that they will be conducting research work right from their phones. A traveler may decide to go for a phone that has MP3 features which will keep them busy as they travel from one place to another (Karanja D, 2011). Perception The decision to buy a particular phone may be greatly influenced by their perception of that type of phone.

If their several phones in a shop and one is made in China and the other one is made in America, the one made in America is likely to have a higher price than the one made from China. As a result, the phone made in America is likely perceived to be of higher quality and more valuable as compared to China made handset even if both phones will serve the same purpose for the consumer (Reddy P 2012). Social Class The desire to buy a particular type of phone can be greatly influenced by the social class that a consumer belongs to.

Particular phones may be perceived to be used by a particular group of members and for this reason, consumers may purchase a particular phone as they perceive it as part of their social class or they believe that buying a particular phone will take them to a higher social class (Shah A, 2010). Culture Consumers may some particular consumer behavior from the culture that they belong to. Owning a cell phone may be viewed as being normal in one culture and may be viewed as extraordinary in another culture.

The consumer’ s ethnic background as well as their geographical location greatly determines one culture and sets out what is acceptable as well as unacceptable buyer behavior(Reddy P 2012). Social factors Consumer’ s mobile phone usage can be influenced by social factors such as their social roles, status, family and groups that they belong to.  

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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