Essays on Personal and Professional Development Assignment

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The paper "Personal and Professional Development" is an outstanding example of a management assignment. Self-managed learning entails self-motivated learning where the learners set their own goals by evaluating their learning purposes and defining ways of achieving such goals (Ottewill 2002, p. 12). This type of learning enables people to learn diverse topics that explore different situations in the world. There are many approaches to self-managed learning but people choose the best approaches that suit their situations. Persons can learn through friends, the internet, and newspapers among others. Self-managed learning helps individuals in designing the strategies they think are the best in learning.

However, with the advancement in the new technologies, learning has taken a different direction with many people now preferring self-managed learning to contemporary learning where students learn under the roof or classroom. Approaches to self-managed learning One of the best approaches is through conferences and seminars (Ottewill 2002, p. 13). There is a lot of knowledge exchange in conferences and seminars that individuals can benefit from. On the other hand, this media provides individuals with the platform of presenting their knowledge in certain areas to others.

Those who had no slightest idea on the areas that their colleagues present in the conferences and seminars get to learn new things. Moreover, seminars improve confidence and the way people present themselves. One of the skills that individuals can learn in seminars is how to communicate. Communication that involves a large crowd needs individuals with good communication skills. Furthermore, conferences and seminars help individuals in developing confidence when delivering public speeches as well as good presentation skills that are detrimental to the organization.

The second approach is the use of the internet in learning. The use of the internet has become viral in the modern world and it has the best way of communication in the current generation. There are search engines that provide the users with all the answers that they need. On the other hand, individuals can learn on the internet by reviewing articles related to management studies, risk management and risk management.


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Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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