Essays on Performance Management and Business Coaching Coursework

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The paper “ Performance Management and Business Coaching” is an impressive example of coursework on human resources. Recent studies have shown that allowances, bonuses and high wages are not the biggest motivators of employees in a corporation. Monetary consideration rank is in the fourth position in the list of preferences for employees, while, only 30 percent of employees consider it as the main factor when looking for a job (Fairley, & Zipp, 2008, p. 24). This shows that modern-day employees require some other form of motivation to stick to a job and perform well at it.

Human resource manager has devised various methods such as maintaining ethical standards, engaging with the employees and coaching them in order to increase their professionalism, skills and the necessary knowledge required to boost their careers and enable them to rise in the respective ranks. This paper is focusing on the latter, the coaching of employees in order to increase their performance. Business coachingBusiness coaching can be analogized to a coach who pushes his team to their limits in order for them to win a game or a match.

Business coaching, however, takes place in an office where employees are involved, the employees, however, can be looked upon as a single unit (team) that is working to realize the main objectives of the company/organization (Aguinis, 2009, p. 67). Business coaching involves people partnering in order to identify the problems one is facing in their job. The business coach should have the necessary skills to diagnose the problem and the patience to allow the business owner to solve the problem identified instead if jumping and solving the problem for them.

It also involves curiosity and courage, the former to prompt one to look for assistance and the latter to gain confidence in the report that is issued (Taylor, 2007, p. 156). A business coach realizes that in this process goal achievement is obsolesce; the client has to move from one goal to the other; that is the achievement of level one automatically moves the client to level two. Benefits of business coaching to: 1. IndividualsBusiness coaching enables individuals to be clear on what they want from life; this gives them the motivation to work towards achieving it at all costs.

In their careers, they work towards promotion by being more effective and efficient in what they do (Shaw, & Linnecar, 2007, p. 64). Since most of the modern-day employees are aware of what their passions are, some pursue them in their professions by starting departments that address their interests or as side hustles that facilitate just that. 2. OrganizationsCoaching is the most effective way a company can invest in its employees, it is cost-effective and a guarantee that the performance of their employees is bound to increase.

Business coaching increases motivation and reduces the errors made by employees. This, in turn, reduces the time spent in mitigating errors of work in a company (Moral, & Abbott, 2009, p. 29). The culture of the firm becomes enhanced and the employees realize why they work for the company. A behavioral change in the actions of employees is noted as all the stakeholders become highly committed and focused due to their work.

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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