Essays on Perspectives on International Trade and Finance Case Study

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The paper “ Perspectives on International Trade and Finance” is a worthy example of the business case study. International trade approaches have become an inevitable venture among various multinational companies. For this reason, several countries are striving to reduce trade blocks with the aim of easing the process of international trade. “ Nike Inc. is an international company based in the United States of America that deals with importing and exporting sportswear and equipment” (Smith, 2002). It is the chief manufacturer of sports attire and equipment in the world. Nike Inc.

imports footwear from outside countries. Examples of countries that Nike Inc. imports the products from including those in parts of Asia and Taiwan. These products are imported to the United States after which further processing is carried out before exporting them to international markets. These processes involve strategies and marketing processes worth researching. This paper discusses the import and export strategies of Nike Inc. that have made it successful in its business gaining fame as a leading multinational company in the world. IntroductionInternational trade consists of exporting and imports. Import and export ventures have gone up for the last few decades because of the ever-declining trade barriers between nations, improved transport and communication systems, and improved trade security making importing and exporting processes efficient.

This paper focuses on the reasons why firms export and import with an insight into the strategies employed in exporting and importing goods. It will also seek to give an understanding of the processes involved in exporting and importing. Finally, the paper will discuss steps followed in designing import and export strategies and associated processes. This paper mainly borrows the ideas of import and export strategies from Nike Inc.

of the United States of America. Import and export strategiesDomestic producers in a foreign country produce goods for export. The export of these goods normally involves permission from customs authorities in the producing country as well as the consuming country. There are many import and export strategies having differing levels of risks and legal requirements.

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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