Essays on How Great Organizations Make the Most of Their Human Asset Essay

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The paper "How Great Organizations Make the Most of Their Human Asset" is a worthy example of an essay on human resources. Communication is indispensable in the business context, and through edification on communication strategies, efficacy and efficiency are realized. To develop effective communication skills and strategies is an orderly, detailed training that can better competency to meet the worldwide competition in the market place for the success of the business. To build the trust of the client one should be capable of freely communicating to avoid conflict in the place of work.

Meanwhile, appropriate communication strategies can fortify social interaction by offering moral support in times of difficulties and will help in reducing time wastage that causes overloading of timetable and make life comfortable. The 8 Practices of Exceptional Companies: How Great Organizations Make the most of their Human Asset by Jac Fitz-Enz is a book that many learners of communication skills will find enormously useful. According to Jac, to have reliable communication strategies there is a need for integration of communication lessons into a diverse schooling curriculum. The student will learn dissimilar skills such as listening intensely, understanding information before answering questions or engaging in deliberations.

To develop exceptional communication, programs are pertinent to invest in business communication technologies that will be in constant use. The book focuses on doing intensive communication research where pertinent channels and medium of communication are analyzed and discussed components of communication and how the message flow. To develop a persuasive communication is appropriate to appreciate the intercultural interaction during the launching of culture changes in the business environment. The interaction will develop dissimilar communication skills that help in understanding the different languages, promoting communication skills.

In the book, members are taught about their roles as communicators and keepers of the communication training to other members of the society. This helps in the reinforcement of their roles and responsibilities in different training departments that bring successful communication and managing change. A major aspect of changes should be formulated in the training system to accommodate new program functions and technologies that help in the preclusion of direct linkage between the pay they get in the training of communication strategies and performance. The training system should be adjusted annually based on competitive conditions in the marketplace that not only assist in communication skills but also deals with questions and reactions of different people about training programs.

To develop excellent communication skills the supervisory personnel should receive intensive training first in how to communicate the particulars of the training program changes. Constant testing for feedback about the communication strategies is done to analyze different views of people and try to adhere to their views (Fitz-Enz, 2005). In training programs, people are edified on leadership expansion skills and appraisal skills that help them learn what they need to develop communication skills that promote understanding among the members.

In addition, to develop the training program, the author advocates for ethics programs that will assist the members to develop fundamentals principle governing the training program; hence, making sure the communication strategies are not vulnerable to any ethical violation. In conclusion, we would recommend the use of this book for communication training programs because it assists in developing culture intelligence due to the launching of intercultural programs that promote communication skills.

Meanwhile, the book encourages ethics training in the program that governs the communication training programs to the populace. Finally, we recommend the book because it advocates the incorporation of the communication lessons into different learning institution that helps in making the development of training programs easy to understand. The current changes in the communication technologies facilities are anticipated to cause pressures that stimulate people to react by not joining the training programs but instead, start using the advances to learn different communication skills. However, this can be solved by creating and educating the populace on the value of having dependable communication skills through these advanced communication facilities.  

Download free paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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