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The paper "Management Changes at GB Financial Corporation" is a wonderful example of an assignment on management. I am pleased to introduce myself in my capacity as the new VP and Director of the Data Management Group at GB Financial Corporation. As you are all aware, the fundamental role of the Data Management Group has been to manage the distribution, storage, capture, and flow of data throughout the company. I recognize this objective and wish to see the Group delivering more than it is expected to do. For the period I have been in the company, I have attended several meetings and evaluated various projects currently in progress.

I have noted with concern that there is a need to carry out major changes in the company’ s technical capacity in order to make it more competitive. In view of this, I would like us to focus on incorporating new technical architecture into the company in the next few weeks. I have noted that the company had invested heavily in Lotus Notes as a software package for application in email and Internet access. Although Lotus Notes has been offering reliable services to the company, I would like to request that we embrace a shift from the software to Microsoft Exchange.

Microsoft Exchange software is very effective at this time when organizations need versatile and cost-effective tools of communication. The reason for preferring Microsoft Exchange is that I have used it prior to joining this organization and therefore understand its benefits. With Microsoft Exchange, we as an organization shall be in a position to accomplish new magnitudes of reliability as well as a performance by deriving features that abridge administration, help in protecting communications, and make clients delighted by meeting their needs and thus achieve greater business success.

If you want to read more about the benefits of adopting Microsoft Exchange over Lotus Notes, please access the website http: //www. microsoft. com/exchange/2010/en/us/notes. aspx. I want to request you to consider this matter and submit your ideas and suggestions, which are very vital for the company’ s success. I know that the move to Microsoft Exchange will present some problems, particularly in our ability to use the software. However, there is no need to panic as the change (if you agree with it), will be done in phases and will be accompanied by appropriate training in order to retain all our colleagues. Another important change that I would like us to initiate at GB Financial Corporation is electronic commerce with our clients.

E-commerce is not only cost-effective but also enables organizations to capture a wider market and hence become more competitive. Under this, I would like us to bring new ideas on which option will be more appropriate. We can choose to adopt an internal internet application in collaboration with external consultants or purchase a third-party tool that would enable us to distribute our information to clients via the Internet.

With our clients in mind, I would like us to think of strategies that will not only enable us to reach the client's fast but also ensure that we target a wider customer base.


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Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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