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Pfizer- Mission Statement Table of Contents Introduction 2 Mission Statement 2 Towards the Mission Statement 2 The Stakeholders 4 Conclusions 5 Bibliography 6 Introduction Established in 1849, Pfizer is the largest research based pharmaceutical and biomedical company. It is headquartered at New York and has research divisions at various locations of the United States and the United Kingdom. In 2007, the company invested more than 16% of the earned revenue in the research based activities. Mission Statement The mission statement of this leading pharmaceutical company says that it would strive to become the most valued company, not only to its customers and the patients but also to the investors, colleagues and the business partners, globally.

The company also vows to generate value to the communities where it works. Towards the Mission Statement As we have analyzed that the mission statement of Pfizer, Inc is about creating value to all related stakeholders of the company, we can say that the pharmaceutical giant is on the right track towards the accomplishment of its missions. Over the years, Pfizer, Inc has been the company of choice for the industry. The professionals strive to get employed in the company. Also, it has been the company of choice among the business partners, customers and the communities where it operates.

For the purpose, Pfizer, Inc has formed generic companies in the United States and some other countries. Also, Pfizer has been renowned for its flexible approach. The adaptability, the company exhibits secures its position in the changing scenario of today. Amidst the recent financial meltdown, Pfizer, Inc has come up with free heath care facilities to its existing customers of the United States. The company proposes to offer the out-of work Americans, free availability of more than seventy drugs (which includes the popular medicines like Lipitor and Viagra) for one whole year, provided the customer has been under the medication of Pfizer products for last three months. The company in collaboration with Spelman College has also taken measure to enhance women health.

The measure also contributes towards reduction of health disparities and proposes to increase leadership among the black women in the fields of science and health. So, it can be said that Pfizer, Inc has been initiating constant measures to create value. The Stakeholders It seems that the stakeholders are fine with the operations of the Pfizer, Inc and value the relationship.

Customers of the Pfizer, Inc are valued to the maximum. The company is involved with constant research and development of newer drugs to cater the customer needs. Also, the scheme for the out-of-work Americans has been designed to assist the customers. The stock price of the Pfizer, Inc is well placed in between the 52-week high and 52-week low. Also, the company claims that with the merger with Wyeth, it would be converted into one of the most diversified companies in the world.

Employees are often found proud to be involved with the multinational company. Pfizer is also striving to contribute to the outside world by developing overall health and wellness of the people of the world. Pfizer is also concerned with the environment and so opts for sustainable development. So, despite drop in the sales and the net income in the first quarter (y-o-y basis), there is no such major concern for the stakeholders as a whole. Conclusions Pfizer, Inc has been striving to develop a workplace that is diversified.

The company vows to develop responsible business practices and wishes to uphold the highest possible ethical standards across its functions. Bibliography Media Alert. (No Date). Spelman College. Spelman College and Pfizer Partner to Enhance Women's Health and Increase Leadership Roles in Health and Science. Retrieved May 20, 2009 from http: //www. spelman. edu/_ezpost/data/13210.shtml Our Mission. (No Date). Pfizer Malaysia. Working together for a healthier world. Retrieved May 20, 2009 from http: //www. pfizer. com. my/01d_mis. asp Johnson, Linda. A. (28th April, 2009). ReportBusiness. Com. Pfizer Profit Dips. Retrieved May 20, 2009 from http: //www. theglobeandmail. com/servlet/Page/document/v5/content/subscribe? user_URL=http: //www. theglobeandmail. com%2Fservlet%2Fstory%2FRTGAM. 20090428.wpfizer0428%2FBNStory%2FBusiness&ord=52090327&brand=theglobeandmail&force_login=true

Download free paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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