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PhD ment of personal objectives of the Personal ment Marketing is considered as the most vital activity in which a business must partake. Marketing is also dubbed as the activity that directly affects the overall sales of a firm and at the same time determines the level of profitability of the firm (Buttle, 2012). Basically, if a company is marketing its business well, it is obvious to make profits and if it is not it could be in trouble. Even the best products would fail to survive if not marketed well.

Hence, it is evident that marketing is a subject of great importance (Alsmadi, Alhami & Alsmadi, 2009). Although the notion of marketing was evident since the introduction of barter system, but in the recent past, the significance of marketing has increased robustly (Alsmadi, Alhami & Alsmadi, 2009). One of the key reasons for the increasing awareness of marketing among the companies is the need to increase own visibility. The level of competition has reached such a stage where companies find it extremely difficult to sustain in the marketplace (Mooij, 2009). Thus, marketing acts as a means of enhancing the visibility of a firm as well as creating awareness of the products and services of the firm.

It should be also noted that marketing umbrella encompasses various fields, such as advertising, sales, public relations as well as direct promotion. All these concepts are amalgamated by the companies and are applied before the launching of a product or a service in the market place. Hence, these facts make it evident that marketing is one of the vital subjects of the society and to prosper in the professional world one should gather adequate knowledge about the subject.

Although during the early days of my academics, the interest was always on the human relations and social science, but since the last couples of years my interest towards marketing management has been increasing steadily. Furthermore, my increasing interest on the study of how people act and interact in organizations has fuelled my desire of making a career in the field of marketing management. It has also motivated me over a number of years to learn as much as I can about Marketing management, both in classrooms, as with my current Marketing studies, and on the job.

I have seen that marketing has always received special attention in a company as the management of any firm believes that marketing is the only activity responsible for generating revenue in a firm (Conway & Steward, 2009). However, this does not mean that other disciplines are not important enough in running the business operation. Other disciplines are generally backend process of a firm but marketing functions at the frontend which makes it an area of utmost importance to an organization.

I have understood the fact that marketing is responsible for attracting new customers as well as retaining the existing customers for a firm. Thus, companies always allocate higher proportion of their overall budget to the marketing department. I have seen that in many cases companies have failed to prosper in the market despite having superior product and services due to the lack of proper marketing activities. This again proves marketing as an essential and vital activity or can even be adjudged as a necessity.

My interest in marketing is increasing day by day as I am getting aware of a number of facts related to marketing. Literally, I am getting fantasized by the reach and scope of marketing and firmly believe that this is one area where I can excel in future and can contribute to the society through this subject. My objective has always been to effectively apply my learning desire and interpersonal skills to the welfare of an organization, but now I specifically focus on implementing these skills in an organization’s marketing challenges and opportunities.

While doing Master of Science in Marketing from Texas A&M University Commerce, Texas, I have been able to gain deeper insights into various important concepts of marketing. The one thing that encourages me to learn marketing is its vastness and ability to appeal and communicate with the mass. I have seen that research in marketing is being done in large numbers but the same is low with other subjects. Furthermore, marketing also encompasses market research which is another vast field and associates itself with mathematics and statistics (Hollensen, 2007; Mooij, 2009).

My aim in PhD with marketing as the specialization will be to research on how marketing can be used to provide benefit to the society. Literature survey confirms that marketing has always been considered as a subject which is important for business and has always been presented as well as viewed from a business angle. However, there are hardly any studies carried out before that which emphasize on marketing as a societal development tool.

Hence my research will focus on bringing marketing and society under one roof. The objective will be to develop a theory and implement the same in the real world and realize benefits out of it. As you will see in my resume, I offer human relations skills, strong computer knowledge, and the flexibility and positive attitude to help resolve just any issue. Hence, I will be implementing my additional skills in the programs to ensure effectiveness and increase the chances of success. I hope that marketing will act as a foundation to this new dimension and with the assistance of qualified professionals, experts and academicians I will be able to come out with a theory.

Although, social science has been a subject that endowed me with new dimensions but now I am ready to make transition to a position in marketing management, and I ask that to consider me for such a position. References Alsmadi, I., Alhami, I. & Alsmadi, H. (2009). The Requirements for building an E-commerce infrastructure. International Journal of Recent Trends in Engineering, 2 (2), 7-9. Buttle, F.

(2012). Customer relationship management. London: Routledge. Conway, S. & Steward, F. (2009). Managing and shaping innovation. Oxford: Oxford University Press. Hollensen, S. (2007). Global Marketing. Essex: Pearson Education Limited. Mooij, M. D. (2009). Global marketing and advertising: understanding cultural paradoxes. London: Sage.

Download free paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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