Essays on Adult Supervision in Early Childhood Classrooms Coursework

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The paper "Adult Supervision in Early Childhood Classrooms" is a brilliant example of coursework on education. The Image of the Child I view the child as a delicate person who relies heavily on the parents and peers to learn and conform to societal values. Children are brought up in a society and guided by norms that they are expected to learn, internalize, and obey based on social morals. Children have to be socialized to be responsible members of society. Parents play a significant role in socializing their children in society. Parental Involvement in Children DevelopmentBased on my initial experience as a director of Vietnamese Bilingual Religious Education, I understand that parents’ involvement in the development of children is necessary.

Apart from the environment, parents are a major educational influence in the life of a young child because they act as role models to children in their early stages. I am convinced that most children behave based on the information and manners they learned from their parents and parents help children to be creative and behave in a recommended manner. How Young Children Learn and DevelopI am aware of many ways through which children can learn and develop.

The Montessori educational strategy is one of the ways and involves independence, monitored freedom, and value for a child’ s development. I also believe that I can learn through mentorship from teachers’ initiatives such as instilling discipline, self-esteem, motivation, and self-independence among children. Further, I am aware of the role of my environment in learning and development through observation and internalization of observed factors. When I am exposed to a very conducive environment, I am sure to learn appropriate values to develop emotionally and intellectually.

A catholic environment, for instance, teaches me values that enable them to acknowledge the presence of God thereby developing spiritually. I as well learn values of inclusion, love, and justice that enable me to maintain a peaceful relationship with others.

Download free paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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