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The paper "Main Issue and Its Implications in Terms of Global Marketing" is a wonderful example of an assignment on marketing. Article One -  Robust carbon trading system can be ours By Chris Bowen/ The Australian Financial Review, November 09, 2009,  Summarize As the debate about Australia’ s policy response to climatic change rages, the arguments on both sides of the question are well known. There is a need for Australia to adopt the Carbon Pollution Reduction Scheme (CPRS) so as it can be seen to be contributing to the global efforts of finding a solution to climate change. Issue If Australia agrees to adopt the CPRS there will be the creation of a new and significant type of financial instrument to be termed as ‘ an Australian emissions unit’ .

Australia can take advantage of carbon trading since it is an area it is highly experienced in and compete in the global market with other regions such as Europe that trade in the market as well. Implications The major sign of the Australian emission units is that it will become a globally tradable instrument. The prospect of this is that in 2013, this financial instrument ‘ Australian emissions unit’ will be worth $US669 billion trading in the global carbon market.

In addition, there will be the creation of job opportunities in the global market. Moreover, the financial sector will have a critical role in this by establishing carbon risk management services that will enable businesses to secure forward prices, financial market transactions and insure against adverse conditions. Consequently, businesses will be able to make rational investment decisions. Adopting the CPRS will ensure that Australia gains a competitive advantage in the global carbon market in front of other nations that will enter the market later.

Consequently, what Australia needs to do is to develop a well- informed and efficient carbon market in order to minimize emissions cost-effectively and create an economy that is less carbon-intensive. Article Two - New Year to bring cheap cheer to drinkers By Adele Ferguson/ The Sydney Morning Herald, December 23, 2010,  Summarize There is a consideration of splitting the Foster’ s Group which will follow the creation of a new management office (new board and chief executives). This will have an effect on the Australian $20 billion-plus alcohol industry as well as need to address parallel importing from the international market comprising Brazil, Malaysia, and the United States. Issue The split and creation of a new office in Foster’ s Group “ is more about pepping up the rock-bottom staff morale rather than accelerating the demerger” .

Moreover, Foster’ s Group might end up as a single listed company or sell out to the highest bidder. Implications If Foster’ s Group splits and creates a new office, its boss will not have a position in either of the proposed businesses and will increase the morale of employees and provide a clear cut as to who will be the leaders of the two entities and how the directors will be divided.  

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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