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The paper "Human Resource Development Plan" is a perfect example of a management report.   My dream career has been to one day become an Administrative Manager is some good company and especial Coca-Cola Australia. An Administrative Manager ensures that the organization operations are running smoothly so as to ensure that the organization is productive. The Administrative Manager coordinates direct, plans all support services of the organization. For small organizations with small offices, there is only one office manager, who is in charge of overseeing all support services while in large organizations, they may require several Administrative Managers who will all specialize in different areas as well as report to different directors.

Some of the responsibilities of an Administrative Manager include controlling, planning and administering budgets for the contracts, supplies and equipment’ s Administrative Managers are in charge of monitoring the organization to ensure that everyone is safe and secure (Mathis, ‎ Jackson & Valentine, 2013). The reason why this career appealed to me is that since my lower grades, I have been very well versed with numerical and analytical skills all of which are necessary skills for one to be an administrative manager.

I felt from long ago that I would well suit in the post of an Administrative Manager because I have very good leadership skills which I have acquired from leadership positions that I held in high school and in college. I have been a student leader for a long time in our Campus and as a result of my leadership skills, I together with the other team of the Student Union was able to bring changes that were favourable to both the students we represented and t the school management.

In this report, I will be analyzing some of the skills and abilities that I have and what skills are needed in the market to become an effective administrative manager. I will then conduct a Need Assessment to identify the training gap and hedge a way forward of how I will increase my employability in the next five years. 2.0 Need Assessment Need Assessment may be defined as a way of identifying training needs and prioritizing the training requirements. This process starts with identifying the skills and knowledge necessary for a specified job.

To begin the Need Assessment process, it is important to conduct give a job description based on which I can Identify the knowledge gaps. Need Assessment is a process and as such, this section will be divided into those steps. Step 1: Identify the need This is the first process where you identify what you as the individual need in terms of the individual objectives and goals. In my case, I need to acquire all the necessary skills required so as to fit in the position of an Administrative manager.

In five years, I hope to be in the position of an Administrative manager after sitting in as an administrative assistant (Mathis, ‎ Jackson & Valentine, 2013). Step 2: Determine your current Level of Performance At this level, the individual or the organization should determine their current level of performance. In my case, I am currently pursuing a Bachelor’ s Degree majoring in Business Administration which is typically what all large organization requires their Administrative managers to have. Therefore I already have the educational requirements required to fit into this job (Mathis, ‎ Jackson & Valentine, 2013).


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Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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