Essays on Establishing Compliance Management System at aHotel Company Essay

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The paper "Establishing Compliance Management System at a  Hotel Company" is an outstanding example of an essay on management. Taking an example of a Hotel company that has various business systems, it is faced with a large number of threats and opportunities at the same time. The organization has a threat of being attacked by terrorists and suffer huge losses in terms of breakages of materials, and loss of competent human resources that are key to the survival of the organization. Once attacked by terrorists, the organization loses a large portion of its customers as a result of the image formed in the minds of the public that it is insecure to hold functions in that hotel.

After such an event it loses its reputation and acquiring it is a way very long process (Getty, 2007). There is usually stiff competition for customers in the hospitality industry. There is an increase of entrants into the market each day. Every organization operating in hospitality faces the risk of being closed down due to liquidation issues. Therefore the organization has to put strategies in place that ensure it maintains a high competitive advantage for it to remain in the industry.

A hotel that is established to meet the needs of tourists in a place where its income depends on the presence of a tourist attraction is at a high risk of losing customers when the attraction does not receive many tourists. This means that the organization exists as long as the attraction is there. The hotel, therefore, faces a threat of being closed down due to insufficient revenue from its operations (Hjalager, 2012). In any organization, the adoption of changing technology is of ultimate importance for survival and gaining of competitive advantage against their competitors.

Changing technology is a threat to organizations since its acquisition involves high budgets which may drain the financial resources of the company. Another threat is any legislation that hinders the operation of the organization. Therefore the organization is under a threat to be adversely affected by new laws being legislated. For instance in a situation where its customers are mainly tourists from abroad and then a by law or an act is passed by the Parliament banning immigration from some countries who visit the country.

This becomes a big threat to the generation of revenue for such an organization (Amabile, 2011).


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Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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