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HRD development programDescription of the ProgramIn a contemporary world where the level of competition is rising dramatically, there is need for companies to undertake Human Resource Development in order to achieve a competitive edge (Busine and Watt 226). This HRD development program aims at achieving competitive advantage through enhancing learning and development, motivation and employee empowerment within the organization. The program is highly essential in enhancing employee capabilities, skills and knowledge; which in turn drive up the level of productivity and profitability within the firm. This program stresses the importance of enhancing the capability of employees through training and development, motivation and empowerment in order to promote their involvement in the company’s success.

Training and development will be done through enrolling employees in various courses as well as conducting seminars. Motivation on the other hand will be achieved through monetary and non-monetary incentives to promote employee dedication. Finally, empowerment will be achieved through increased involvement of employees in decision making in the organization. The program banks on employee potential that often goes unutilised within the firm and therefore seeks to unleash this potential so as to ensure that the company benefits optimally from this potential while enhancing employees’ career growth.

Sustainable success of this HRD program is expected within a period of 1½ years. Optimal success however can only be achieved from the second year because it is during this time that all the necessary plans in the program will have been put in place. Program ObjectivesThis project seeks to enhance the productivity and profitability of the organisation through enhancing employee output. The main objective is to empower employees through increased knowledge, work drive and involvement; such that they are in a position to deliver according to the expectations of the organisation.

The program works through training and development, employee motivation and employee empowerment to promote the productivity of employees in the organization. More specific objectives of the HRD development program include the following: To equip employees with education and intellectual knowledge aimed at promoting their career development and professional capabilities through training and development. This is an achievement that will not only promote employee productivity but which will also play an imperative role in enhancing employee dedication towards the organisation’s success.

Training and development will therefore serve the purpose of empowering both the employees and the organisation. To enhance increased employee commitment and productivity through motivation. This objective is based on the fact that motivation resulting from monetary and nonmonetary incentives often result in increased employee performance due to an increased sense of belonging (Sonnentag 86). The program aims at ensuring that the employees feel appreciated through rewarding them with financial incentives and other non-tangible incentives. To provide empowerment to employees through increased involvement in decision making.

This aims at ensuring that their potential is well utilised and that productivity is enhanced within the organisation. It is also important to note that empowerment is a form of motivation that plays the role of making employees feel appreciated and thus promotes their dedication towards achieving the organisation’s objectives. It also enhances the relationship between the employees and managers, thus creating a good working environment. Chances of employee turnover are therefore decreased significantly. To promote sustainable relationships between the organisation and employees through enhancing employee involvement and through motivation.

It can be established that through increased involvement and motivation, good relations are likely to be created within the organisation. To enhance employee satisfaction and thus enhance dedication in meeting the organisation’s objectives. Through training and development, motivation and empowerment, the organisation will be making employees feel appreciated in the organisation and thus increase satisfaction levels. To promote employee loyalty and reduce turnover. This program presumes that with the HRD activities included in this program, it will be possible to promote employee satisfaction and thus improve their commitment to the organisation’s success.

Employee satisfaction will also reduce staff turnover because employees are assured that the organisation cares about their welfare. To enhance profitability of the organisation; thus creating competitive advantage through utilising employee potential and capability. Research indicates that many organisations often fail to utilise the full potential of employees either due to their inability to promote the use of this potential or as a result of being unable to identify potential in the employees (D’Netto, Fotini and Prashant 8). Through training and development, motivation and empowerment, the organisation will be in a position to catalyse the capabilities in employees and thus enhance their performance in the organisation.

Increased productivity on the other hand will result in increased profitability for the organisation.

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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