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Essays on Plan to Make a Million Dollars from a Person Who Has Volunteer Experience in a Church and Child Care Center and Has Been Interested in Economics since Childhood Personal Statement

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Personal ment I served as the leader of our local church groups Christmas fund raising program this past holiday season. I was in charge of making contacting local businesses and convincing them to join in our program by donating cash or goods for the underprivileged community members. I convinced business owners to do their part by placing their business name on donation bags as part of their business promotion campaign. This idea sat very well with most of the businessmen who opted to then donate cash instead of goods. 2. My interest in the principles of economics stems from my childhood.

I was encouraged by my parents to open up a lemonade stand. I was fascinated by the money that I made and that parlayed into other business ideas for me over time. I needed to become more creative and diverse in businesses that I entered into so that I could make more money from the limited capital that I had. I recognized market and economic trends which helped develop my creativity in terms of economics and its related fields. 3. Working a part time job is never easy.

Specially when it seems like your supervisor has it in for you like I did. The more he tried to hassle me at work, the tougher and stronger I became. I was not going to let him treat me like an idiot. I turned to my senior co-workers and begged them to train me so that our supervisor could never find a reason to pick on me. I was able to prove that I could do the job and much more.

4. I volunteer at our local non-profit day care center during my class free days and weekends. This is something I enjoy doing because I am able to help shape the minds of our future leaders by helping them create a solid foundation for their future character and education platforms. Part of my day care projects include potty training the toddlers and helping them learn their numbers and alphabet so that they can read simple books like Dr. Seuss on their own. 5. My neighbors child is deaf mute and has never really been that sociable with other kids on the block.

But one day, I saw my hearing neighbors picking on my defenseless neighbor and I felt an urge to defend my defenseless neighbor. By scaring them off, I made a new friend in my neighbor and in the process, I also learned American Sign Language as an alternative form of communication. I believe that I can help our school community by helping make our special needs students feel more welcome. 6. My goal in life is to have a million dollars by the time I turn 40.

This is a dream that became my commitment to myself after I bought my first stock certificate when I turned 16. Since then I have been working part time non-stop and setting aside my investment budget every year in order to help achieve that goal. I have also been studying the intricacies of the stock market in relation to economics and how I can use that information to reach my goal.

Download free paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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