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Essays on Market Plan for Snowball - One of the Market Leaders in Manufacturing and Distribution of Feed Block Supplements for Livestock Farmers in Australia Case Study

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The paper “ Market Plan for Snowball - One of the Market Leaders in Manufacturing and Distribution of Feed Block Supplements for Livestock Farmers in Australia” is a cogent variant of case study on marketing. The strategy  is a term previously used by the military to show why and how the plan will be implemented as far as all the other factors are concerned. These factors include competitors, customers, and technology. Marketing, on the other hand, encompass company culture, promotion, product development, positioning, and all the sales functions. It is actually a decision on what to sell, whom to sell to, when to sell and where to sell a product or service.

Any business is driven by customer needs and preferences. The main aspect of business planning starts with the aim of the provision of products and services to the target customers. There is a need, therefore, to look into the market before planning on products and finance involved. The international marketing strategy should address market demand and how to meet customer needs and preferences. Aftermarket identification, there is a need for product development, promotion, and branding. Snowball is one of the market leaders in the manufacturing and distribution of feed block supplements for livestock farmers in Australia; however, it has fewer market avenues abroad. The report has looked into the marketing environment, here political, cultural, economic, social, cultural, technological and legal elements analyzed thorough situation analysis.

The market plan has nine sections, these include the product description, corporate mission, vision and goals, situation analysis, SWOT analysis, target market, marketing mix strategy, implementation, control, and evaluation. This report has brought looked into the situation analysis of the Animal Feed Supplement market in Australia, through SWOT analysis, the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats of the business have been identified.

Opportunities available for the Snowball business to expand its marketing and strategic coverage to global markets have to been noted. The environmental analysis of both external and internal factors will enable the Snowball business to set the objectives and quotas in the global market and select a country to market its products overseas. Snowball will adopt the 4Ps marketing strategy which looks into the price, place, product, and promotion to effectively market its products overseas.

The implementation will finally be done with proper controls and regular evaluation enforced. This will guarantee the full implementation of the marketing plan. Product DescriptionSnowball is a major manufacturer and distributor of Feed Supplements for dairy cows, sheep, horses, and goats. Feed supplements are nutritious animal feeds that are sold in West Australia in millions of dollars. 70% of the sales currently are from dairy feeds while the remaining 30% of the sales are for other livestock. These feed supplements are a combination of scientifically formulated livestock feed rations that have become the most conventional product in West Australia.

Snowball has developed one of the leading animal feed and nutrition manufacturer and market leader in Australia.   Snowball offers high-quality proteins, vitamins, mineral and medicated supplements packaged in different sizes. Snowball provides products for four groups of animals; these are sheep, horses, goats, and cattle with the major category being the dairy and beef cattle. The products are also developed based on customer needs; this, therefore, has enabled snowball manufacture forage, growth and nutrition products. The products are in different forms; this includes loose minerals, pressed blocks and poured blocks.


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Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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