Essays on Planning For Success: Case of Samsung Galaxy S3 Case Study

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The paper "Planning For Success: Case of Samsung Galaxy S3" is a perfect example of a case study on marketing. This report explains a proposed product launch for Samsung Company products. The product chosen is the Galaxy S3. The report starts with an introduction that sets the pace on the issue of the product launch event and what is expected in the entire process. The importance of setting objectives has been emphasizing while leaving out the finer details for the main findings section. The main findings sections commence with an elaborate explanation of the various objectives for the anticipated product launch.

In this part, important objectives that are pertinent to the Samsung Galaxy S3 product launch have been discussed while outlining the expected outcomes in the end. The report winds up with recommendations that need to be considered for a successful event launch of a new product in the market. Introduction Events are usually temporary occurrences that are characterized by finite lengths and are usually fixed and publicized. Being a marketing consulting team in events management, it is important to come up with a program that will ensure the successful launch of the new product.

Thorough preparation is required prior to the product launch in order to ensure that the event is effective and a clear message is communicated to the clients in the market (Guesalaga & Marshall, 2008). The goals or objectives of the launch are defined to give a clear direction of the outcomes of the launch. A company with formidable brands is familiar to target clients in the market and it can use its established client relations to reach out to other people who have not tried its products. Main Findings Typical objectives for the proposed launch event It is important to establish the objectives of the product event so as to have clarity of the desired results.

Samsung Company is well known for highly known for high-end market products that target affluent clients and money for luxury (McGonagle & Vella, 2004). However, in the recent past, the company has launched products that target the mid-income earners and are affordable even to common people. One of the objectives is to reach the target audience effectively and largely.

An event launch will be successful if the purpose of the event is met. The audience has to learn about the product and arouse more curiosity about the product in the market. There is should need to inquire more about the product (Lang, 2001). The event has also the objective of explaining the features of the product to the target customers so as they are able to know the needs being met by the launch of the product. The event is being organized to introduce the product to the target audience and convince the would-be consumers to identify with the product.

The product has to be demonstrated to the clients on how it works and its advantages over existing brands. Marketing communication is important and it is fully applied to the benefit of the clients in attendance and others watching from other locations.

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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